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Published by   Digital Aroma   on January 22, 2022   has 0 comments

How To Get Google AdSense Approval For Websites In 2022 | Tips | Tricks


Struggling on How To Get Google AdSense Approval for websites? You are at the right place.

If you are a beginner and want to apply AdSense for your websites, then follow this article completely.

Blog Contents

  • What Is Google Adsense Approval?
  • Is Google Adsense Still Profitable?
  • Google Adsense Eligibility Criteria
  • How Much Time We Need For AdSense Approval?
  • How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Websites In 2022?
  • Adsense Approval Tricks & Tips
  • Final Conclusion

Above all are the blog contents framed in this article. Thoroughly check each point to get ad program approval for your website successfully.

What Is Google AdSense Approval?

Google AdSense is the best advertising program offered by Google that helps us to make money through websites.

AdSense Approval is nothing but, we must satisfy certain terms and conditions provided by Google to run ads on our website.

Only after getting approval, ads will be displayed on our website.

Is Google AdSense Still Profitable?

Yes, Actually, applying Google AdSense for a website is very easy. But the point is “Still websites are getting enough traffic in 2022?”

It depends upon website SEO techniques and our website ranking on Google. If our websites are having good success then, Adsense is still profitable.

As per our opinion, only a few websites are getting succeed in getting & maintaining website traffic. If you are one of them, AdSense is absolutely profitable for you.

Google AdSesnse Eligibility Criteria

  1. You should create Unique & Interesting Content
  2. Content must be High-Quality, Original, And Attract Audience
  3. You must be at least 18 years old
  4. Your Content should satisfy AdSense Policies
  5. AdSense Policies may change at any time. Make sure to keep updated with them.

Above are a few points that you need to remember regarding Google AdSense Eligibility.

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How Much Time We Need For AdSense Approval?

In general, for most of the users, the activation process will take a few days.

In others, it may take 2 to 4 weeks of time. Please remember that most of the activation processes will need action from the users.

Only if users respond to the actions, Google can easily complete the activation process.

So, regularly check whether you need to give any inputs if you are facing delays.

Know More About AdSense Waiting Time

How To Get Google AdSense Approval For Websites In 2022

As we said earlier, getting enough website traffic is the toughest task than getting Adsense approval.

You already know the competition for websites and SEO rankings on Google. We have millions of existing websites and thousands of websites are evolving every single day.

In this heavy competition, it is very tough for any website to get enough traffic. This is why we have prepared some points for you.

Let us take look at How To Get Google AdSense Approval for websites in 2022

1. Use High Quality Content

Let us know why high-quality content is important for AdSense in simple steps

  • Google will identify your website only if you are able to rank in search engines.
  • Your website will able rank in search engines only if you use quality content

Once, check Google Publisher Policies to know which kind of content Google will promote.

2. Create About & Contact Page

Using About & Contact pages on the website have multiple benefits like

  • Website users can easily contact you through details available in contact us page
  • Google will decide whether your website is legitimate or not by verifying about & contact pages.

It is one of the best ways to tell that your business is legitimate. You can also create trust among the website users through these pages.

3. Publish 10-15 Posts

Generally, your website must have 10,000-15,000 words to get AdSense approval. That means if you write 1000-15000 words for every blog, it’s pretty good.

Also, remember that the quality of the content is more important than quantity. Take your own time, provide the best content.

As we said above, search engines will rank only quality content.

4. Do Not Use Copied Content

If we observe, most of the websites will use copied content on their websites. Especially, the beginners, they don’t even know Google will not encourage copied content.

So, make sure that your website does not contain a single line of copied content. Google can easily identify original content & copy content through its ranking algorithms.

5. Make Sure That Images Have No Copy Rights

This is the point where most bloggers make mistakes. Do not download images from Google or other search engines and simply use them on your website.

There are free stock image websites like Pexesl, pixabay, etc. Or else, you can make your own images from tools like canva.

Using copyright images is also one of the reasons for not getting AdSense approval.

6. Create Privacy Policy Page

Creating a Privacy Policy page is a must for every website. But, many of the owners are really confused about what to include in that page.

Don’t worry. Check out what Google is saying about the Privacy Policy page. It’s very easy to understand.

You can find a number of unique generators on Google and prepare yours.

7. Website Should Not Be Banned

Actually, candidates who are building new websites with fresh domains for AdSense approval have no problem.

But, if you are buying old domains from others, make sure that the particular domain is not banned before.

If once domain was banned for AdSense, you cannot apply forever. This is also one of the important points to check for Adsense approval.

8. Website Should Look Decent

Of course, your website should look decent anyway to attract users. Making a website look good doesn’t mean using premium themes.

You can use WordPress free themes, plugins and features. So, whenever users visit your website, you will get an alert.

With Free themes & layouts, make your website look decent and attractive.

9. Website Navigation Is Important

Navigation is very important for every website even though you are not applying Google AdSense.

Website navigation will help users easily navigate from one page to another page.

One more problem is, most of the owners think that their website navigation is good. But it’s actually wrong. Check twice.

10. Remove Other Ads

Generally, Google says, it’s completely fine to use other ad networks on our website in conjunction with Google.

But our simple advice is to remove other ads on your website for 3 to 5 days while applying for Google Adsense.

Because, when your site went for the review, if they notice too many ads pop on the website, it will be rejected.

We hope these points help you to understand how to get AdSense approval for your website.

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AdSense Approval Tricks & Tips

Even though we complete the entire process, most of us will have doubts like Adsense approval time, etc.

So, we are giving additional tips & tricks to make your work more effective.

We hope these Google AdSense Approval Tricks & tips are helpful.


Final Conclusion

In final, we need to conclude that getting Adsense approval is easy if you follow step by step process. The only thing we need to focus on is website traffic.

If your website starts generating traffic, it will be very easy for Google to approve ads.

Still, if you have doubts like Google Adsense Approval time, etc. post them in below comment box.

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