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Digital Marketing Training in Vijayawada

Recommended Digital Marketing Courses In Vijayawada

Digital Aroma's 45 Days Digital Marketing Course

Digital Aroma's newly structured 25 Days Digital Marketing Course includes The Modules which are mandatory for all the aspirants who wish to seek their career in Digital Marketing. Each module comprises of well followed sub topics, which helps an aspirant to  understand the concept in a much better way.

  • Duration: 45 Days
  • Number Of Topics: 52
  • Post Completion: Digital Aroma's Certification 
  • Live Project Work Duration: 1 week - 10 Days 

Rs. 40,000

Rs. 18,999/-

Digital Aroma's 5 Days SMM Special Course

Digital Aroma's 5 Days Social Media Marketing Course Modules includes the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Linked In and Pinterest. The objective of the course is to boost the aspirant's knowledge on how to setup and process the social media ad accounts to benefit any kind of businesses all over the world.

  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Number Of Topics: 12
  • Post Completion: Digital Aroma's Acknowledgement
  • Bonus: Branding & Graphic Designing Tips 

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 8,999/-

We Offer Best Digital Marketing Course In Vijayawada

Following are the sub courses available in Digital Marketing Course in Vijayawada at Digital Aroma. Therefore, We advise to Join Digital Aroma For Digital Marketing Course Training in Vijayawada for better knowledge.

Online Individual Digital Marketing Courses Offered By Digital Aroma

Please Select Your Choice Of Course And Enroll !!!

Advanced SEO Course

Digital Aroma's 10 Days Advanced SEO Training provides complete insights into Search Engine Optimization. This course benefits the entrepreneurs, business owners and managers who wish to rank their business on Google. For Students who wish to pursue a career in digital marketing, SEO is the first step to consider. | SEO Modules.

Duration: 10 Days 

Fee Details:  Rs. 8,999/-

Advanced SMM Course

Social Media Marketing training by Digital Aroma is a 5 Days course that teaches Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In & Pinterest marketing techniques. This course helps aspirants to understand the professional methods to reach a targeted audience and generate quality leads for a business through funnelling. | SMM Modules.

Duration: 5 Days 

Fee Details:  Rs. 8,999/-

WordPress Website Designing

Generally, a website is a very basic source mandatory to all types of digital marketing works. CMS is the only solution to design a website without any coding. However, WordPress is the best in this business and Digital Aroma offers a 5 Days Course to train aspirants to make their website design concepts come true.

Duration: 5 Days 

Fee Details: Rs. 8,999/-

Advanced Google Ads Course

Learn how to target the right audience and get traffic to the website to either provide service or sell a product using Digital Aroma's Google Ads 5 Days Advanced Training Program. All the aspirants will learn on the newly updated Google Ads 2021 (Dec). Click here to know more about the modules included in this program.

Duration: 5 Days 

Fee Details:  Rs. 8,999/-

Advanced YouTube Marketing Course

YouTube Marketing Training by Digital Aroma is a 3 Day program. Here, the aspirant learns YouTube marketing to set up the best practices in this field to boost the views count through organic YouTube SEO, recommendations, YouTube Ads, and YouTube Live. Monitoring the Rank and getting Subscriptions are focused.

Duration: 3 Days 

Fee Details: Rs. 6,999/-

Advanced Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook is the topmost platform used all over the world to connect people and businesses as well. Facebook allows people to reach their targeted audience to promote their business or products. So, all the aspirants will learn how to set up a Facebook business account and create ads that could generate quality leads and brand awareness.

Duration: 7 Days 

Fee Details: Rs. 6,999/-

Advanced Instagram Marketing Course

In fact, Instagram is the second most used social media platform used worldwide. Digital Aroma's 2 Days Instagram Marketing Training Course help the aspirants with a professional approach to market the business or a product via videos, images and infographics. Instagram Ads is taught to reach the right audience for branding.

Duration: 2 Days 

Fee Details: Rs. 5,999/-

Advanced Branding & Promotions Course

Branding & Promotions Training is a very unique process where an aspirant will go through brainstorming ideas to enhance a business that represents the service or a product. Therefore, the student will be involved in graphic designing basics and promotions strategies. This course also includes policies, terms & conditions documentations.

Duration: 3 Days 

Fee Details: Rs. 6,999/-

Advanced Digital Marketing Course (Short)

Digital Aroma's newly structured 10 Days Digital Marketing Course includes The Modules which are mandatory for all the aspirants who wish to seek their career in Digital Marketing. Each module comprises of well followed sub topics, which helps an aspirant to  understand the concept in a much better way.

Duration: 20 Days 

Fee Details: Rs. 13,999/-

Modules That Makes You An Expert In Digital Marketing In 45 Days !!


  • Introduction To Internet
  • Introduction To Traditional Marketing
  • Introduction To Digital Marketing
  • Introduction To Content Marketing
  • Story Telling
  • Content Creation


  • What is a Website?
  • What is a Domain?
  • What is a Sub Domain?
  • What is Hosting & SSL Certificate?
  • How to find the Service Providers & Buy Domain + Hosting?


  • How To Use C-Panel?
  • Installing WordPress
  • Linking Domain & Hosting In C-Panel
  • Download & Setup Theme Builder (Elementor) + Plugins
  • Creating a Static, Dynamic, & E-Commerce Website Pages


  • Introduction To SEO & It's types
  • What are the Google Guidelines to follow?
  • What is On-Page SEO?
  • What is Off-Page SEO?
  • What is Local SEO?
  • What is Technical SEO?
  • What is Universal SEO?
  • Google Maps + Google Analytics


  • Introduction To Google Ads + Account Setup
  • Google Keyword Planner + types Of Keywords
  • Search Ads (Text Ads) + Ad Extensions
  • Call Only Ads
  • Display Network Ads
  • Smart Campaign Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Basic Setup, Location Targeting,  Ad Scheduling,
  • Call Reporting, Conversions & Remarketing
  •  Linking Website/Google Analytics/Tag Manager
  • Report Analysis

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Introduction To Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Introduction To Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Facebook Business Page Creation and Optimization
  • Facebook Ads Manager + Business Account
  • Creating Facebook Ads using different Objectives
  • Creating Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience, Remarketing
  • Linking Facebook Pixel, WhatsApp,  Messenger & Instagram Profile
  • Creating Instagram Business Profile & Optimization
  • Creating Instagram Ads
  • Instagram Organic Followers
  • Creating Twitter Business Profile & Optimization
  • Creating Twitter Ads
  • Methods To Generate Hashtags & its Application
  • Creating LinkedIn Business Profile & Optimization
  • Creating Linked In Ads
  • Pinterest Business Profile Creation & Optimization
  • Placing Pinterest Ads


  • Introduction To YouTube Marketing
  • Creating YouTube  Channel
  • Create YouTube Ads
  • How To Increase Subscriptions?
  • How To Increase Followers?


  • Introduction To Branding & Promotions
  • What Is Graphic Designing?
  • Media Guidelines To Follow
  • Logo Designing
  • Creating Images, Videos & GIFs
  • Types Of Branding and Uses
  • Documentations, Policies, Terms & Conditions

Training Model:

Digital Aroma the Digital Marketing Institute in Vijayawada will provide you both online classes and a offline class room training where you can communicate with your guides and clear your doubts.

Course Structure:

Out of interest we have decided to provide a Digital Marketing Training and bring more awareness in the students. This is totally a 25 days training program which covers the basic concepts of Digital Marketing. So, Interested candidates can book a free Demo Session with our Experts. Or else you can also directly make the payment fee and begin the course.

We are offering both online/offline courses. Candidates who likes to join offline can visit our institute. Digital Aroma assures that we can provide the best & professional digital marketing course in Vijayawada.

Contact us through available contact numbers and we are available 24/7. Feel free to interact us and clear your doubts.


Scope of Digital Marketing

Generally, Many candidates who are interested towards Digital Marketing raising one common question, “Scope of Digital Marketing”. So let us see by whom you will be hired after Digital Marketing Course Completion.

  • B2B, B2C Business profiles
  • Industrialists
  • Business Professionals
  • Software Industries
  • Educational Institutions
  • E-Commerce Product Retailers
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Digital Marketing Agencies, etc.
  • Therefore, By observing the right side information you can understand the Future Scope of Digital Marketing. You can also check out which Designation you can get after doing Digital Marketing Certification. Know More


    Digital Marketing Skills

    In general, Everyone can become a Digital Marketer after completing the Digital Marketing Course. But to be unique, one should possess some Digital Marketing Skills.

    Therefore, these skills will help individuals to stand top among their competitors. These skills will help you to grow fast not only in Digital Marketing Field but also in any other field.

    So some of the Digital Marketing Skills are

    •  Strategy and Planning Skills
    •  Writing Skills
    •  Development Skills
    •  Automation Skills
    •  Social Media Savvy

     Still few more Digital Marketing skills are there where every candidate needs to possess. Know More

    Digital Marketing Course Common FAQs

    Generally, there are some common Digital Marketing Course FAQs where every candidate wants to know. Interested candidates used to search these Digital Marketing FAQs here and there.

    No need!! We are providing some Digital Marketing Course Common FAQs with respective of Students, Employees, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs.

    So, check them out and clarify your doubts regarding Digital Marketing Course. Know More

    Benefits of Transforming Career to Digital Marketer

    In general, by knowing the Benefits of Digital Marketing, most of the candidates wants to transform their career into Digital Marketing.   But, out of confusion, you may not able to decide whether transforming your career is the right decision or not.

    So, such candidates can observe the Benefits of Transforming careers to Digital Marketing. Therefore, these benefits will help you in correct decision making.

    •  Ocean of Opportunities
    •  Flexible Work
    •  Good Future Scope
    •  Easy to Learn
    •  Earn while you Learn

    Still, a few more benefits are there when you have transformed your career to Digital Marketing. Know More

    Digital Marketing Statistics

    Following are the Topmost Digital Marketing Strategies where you can easily understand the power of Digital Marketing.

    •  For every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses make an average of $2 in revenue.
    •  64% of consumers will click on a Google ad when they are looking to buy items online.
    •  Social media and watching video content are the two most popular online activities.
    •  Worldwide digital ad spending is predicted to reach over $375 billion by 2021.
    •  On average, 46% of users act after viewing a video Ad
    •  Location-specific digital ad campaigns are 20x more effective than traditional banner ads that are not location-based.
    •  70% of advertisers plan to increase their budget for mobile social advertising.
    •  72% of consumers want brands to share discounts and other promotions on social media.
    •  On average, 1.57 billion YouTube users will watch about 5 billion videos every day.

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