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Published by   Digital Aroma   on January 20, 2022   has 0 comments

Balancing Creativity And SEO In Content Marketing | optimized Vs creative


Tips For Balancing Creativity And SEO In Content Marketing

Are you struggling with Balancing Creativity And SEO in Content Marketing? Confused about SEO Content Vs Creative Content?

Don’t worry. You are at the right place. In this article let us discuss clearly on content writing and decide which is better for content marketing.

Blog Contents

  • What Is SEO Content Writing?
  • What Is Creative Content Writing?
  • Why Use SEO In Content Writing?
  • Why Use Creativity In Content Writing?
  • Creative Content Vs Optimized Content: Which Is Better?
  • Tips for Balancing Creativity And SEO In Content Marketing
  • Final Conclusion

Above all are the blog contents you can find in this article. Candidates who are not able to balance creativity and SEO in Content Writing are advised to go through the full article.

What Is SEO Content Writing?

In simple words, SEO Content Writing is something that we write content for search engines but not for humans.

We include keywords, tags, etc in the content to optimize it for search engines. Only then Google bots can crawl & rank our website or web pages. So that they can appear in the SERP top positions.

What Is Creative Content Writing?

Creative Content Writing is something in which we write content for humans. In this scenario, we can add more creativity to the content by using catchy sentences, vocabulary, etc.

Survey has stated that you can attract 70% of the customers only with your content. By this, we can assume the power and importance of creating content for our business growth.

Why Use SEO In Content Writing?

Basically, we use SEO in Content Writing to market our website, web pages. Yes, SEO is a well-known technique for ranking websites in SERP.

Our websites will rank in SERP only if it contains, keywords, meta content, quality writing. So we obviously use quality content in our websites to rank in SERP.

So that whenever users search for something related to our business, there might have a chance that our websites can display on top positions of SERP. In this way, we can market our business through SEO and Quality Content.

Why Use Creativity In Content Writing?

We must use creative writing for our websites and web pages. Because, creative writing will express the actual concept, emotions, thoughts of our business to the readers.

There are a number of blog posts, articles, websites that are still publishing large stories by using creativity. Along with that, creativity makes our brand to stand unique among other competitors.

Creative Content Vs Optimized Content: Which Is Better?

According to us, both Creativity and Optimization are important for content marketing. Why because, no matter how much creativity you use in the content, you must need marketing to reach the audience which is possible with Optimization.

On other hand, no matter how much you optimize the content and reach the audience, they will simply ignore the content if it was not creative.

From the above image itself, we can understand that content needs both creativity and optimization. It is not that easy to meet two criteria at the same time, but we should not ignore them.

Tips For Balancing Creativity And SEO In Content Marketing

In general, it is the most challenging element for many content writers. They can do only one thing perfectly among SEO Content Vs Optimized Content.

But so far, we realized that these two elements are mandatory in our marketing strategy. So we are sharing some Tips for Balancing Creativity and SEO in Content Marketing. Go through them carefully.

1. Maintain Good Quality Writing

Good Quality content is not about vocabulary and short sentences. It is all about addressing the audience with your content.

More audience read your content; more Google will like your web page. So include all the audience issues in your content and get more shares.

Then your content will have quality at the same time Google bots will consider that your content is capable of high rankings.


2. Engage Readers

Engaging Readers is like a challenge when we talk about Creative Content Vs Optimized Content. We can engage the audience only when we have highly creative content.

In this case, it is not that possible to optimize our content to the search engines. But don’t worry. Remember that, engaging your customer on your web page is nothing but traffic.

As long as your customers keep on reading the content, the web page will continuously gain traffic. So do not worry regarding the optimization.


3. Write For Humans Not For Search Engines

With the intention of ranking higher on the web pages, most of the candidates will write for search engines. But that‘s not correct.

Write content for humans, explain your concept to them. Write very natural language and incorporate keywords in the content. Do not overstuff keywords.


4. Search For Important Keywords

Keywords are the heart of optimization. So we must find the right keywords for our content. Only then we can optimize in an effective way.

We must use only a few keywords in the content. Along with the primary keyword, we need to use keyword variations. Do not repeat the single keyword various times.


5. Organize Your Content

According to the survey, users cannot stay on your web page for more than 5 to 9 seconds on your web pages. They will not read long passages.

Make sure that you organize your content by using bullets, numbers, bold, italic features. Most of the readers will read only important points in the entire content.

In this scenario, if we do not organize our content with skimmers then users will immediately quit the pages by feeling clumsy.


6. Use Relevant Images & Videos

Using relevant images, videos are one of the best ways to make your optimized content more creative.

Along with that, it has been proved that one image or video can speak more than 1000 words. We can use creative images that too with optimization.

We can meet the criteria of SEO Content Vs Creative Content by using images and videos.


Know More About Creative Content Vs Optimized Content

Final Conclusion

In final we want to conclude that, both creativity and optimization are important for the content. We cannot ignore any of them. Both SEO & Creativity combine and make our content more powerful.

Still, if you have doubts or struggling in balancing Creativity and SEO in Content Marketing, post them in below comment box. You can also contact Digital Aroma for such kind of Content Marketing Services.

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