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11 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools 2022 | Q&As On SEO Plugins


Hello guys, hope you all are safe. Want to design a business website? Want to implement SEO Strategies? Then go through this article of Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools 2022.

On realizing the power of Digitalization, the world has started taking new steps for its business. An example is a business website. But just creating a business website is not enough.

We need to use different strategies, techniques, etc to market our website. To make all these things easier luckily we have the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Let us know about them in detail.

Blog Contents

  • What is WordPress?
  • What are SEO Plugins & Tools?
  • Why WordPress SEO Plugins Matter?
  • Some Q&As Regarding SEO WordPress Plugins
  • Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools 2022
  • Final Conclusion

Above all are the blog contents you will find in this article. Candidates who are not aware of WordPress Plugins are advised to follow the entire article without any skip.

What Is WordPress?

In a simple form, WordPress is a website or software which is used to create our own websites. It has inbuilt themes, designs, layouts, etc whatever is needed for creating a website.

Without using code, we can create our own website by using these inbuilt themes. By using WordPress we can create a blogging website, Ecommerce Website, Services based website, Personal website, etc.

Both Free & Paid themes are available. Along with that, Best SEO Plugins are available in WordPress which makes our work easy and effective.

What Are SEO Plugins & Tools?

SEO Plugins are like extensions for Content Management Systems, Browsers & software solutions. These plugins expand the scope of executing special tasks that affect SEO, web analysis, Online Marketing & other aspects.

SEO Plugins are also inbuilt available features in WordPress. We need to install the required plugin. Coming to the SEO Tools, they are similar to Plugins in simplifying our work. But these are not inbuilt in WordPress. We can find them on the internet.

Why WordPress SEO Plugins Matter?

  • Builds Good Online Reputation
  • Make Search Engines Happy with Clear Communication
  • Create best User Experience for People visiting your site
  • Opens lines of communication with search engines
  • Make both users and search engines happy

Above all are the reasons Why WordPress SEO Plugins Matter. You can get clear information about this in the below sections of the article.

Some Q&As Regarding SEO WordPress Plugins

In this section, we are going to discuss some most asked questions regarding WordPress & Plugins. So that if readers have similar doubts regarding SEO Plugins, it will get clear.

1. Which Is The Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Undoubtedly it’s Yoast SEO Plugin. This plugin gains maximum attention from WordPress users regarding its SEO features.

2. Can WordPress Have Two SEO Plugins?

Yes, WordPress can have two SEO plugins from different categories. But it should not 2 plugins that do the same job. It may create issues for your website.

3. Is WordPress Best For SEO?

We cannot say that WordPress is best for SEO. But yes, WordPress is quite SEO friendly when compared with other platforms.

4. Does Google Favor WordPress?

No, Google is Impartial to any CMS or Blogging Platforms.

5. Is WordPress Free?

The WordPress Software is 100% Free and it is open-source software that is publicly accessible.

11 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools 2022

There are a number of WP plugins available where we are confused to choose the best.

As there are overwhelming WordPress SEO Plugins, we have made an approachable way to choose the best plugins required for you.

Below is the list of top-rated plugins that could bring your web pages to the first page of search engines. By verifying the number of sources we have prepared the list.

So without any late, check out the list of Best SEO Plugins & Tools For WordPress 2022.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is a very popular plugin where 5 million websites have installed it. Following are the best parts of the Yoast SEO Plugin

  • Able to create and manage your XML Sitemaps.
  • Helps to identify duplicate Content
  • Offers Templates for Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • 24/7 Support
  • No Advertisements

Apart from these, there are a lot more benefits to using the Yoast SEO plugin. This is the reason why 5 million websites have been installed.


2. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin is very valuable for your website because Google algorithms will penalize you for broken links on your website.

In general, Broken links can appear in 2 ways. One is on our website. This is not a big problem because we can control pages on our own website.

But the second way is dangerous. For suppose you use any outbound link or image or piece of text of other websites on your website. For some reason, that other site got rid of without including a redirect. Now you have a broken link on your own website.

In this type of situation, the Broken Link Checker plugin will identify all broken links in your website and allow you to remove or edit them with a few clicks. This plugin is useful not only in terms of SEO but also for user experience.


3. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

SEMrush is a top choice in WordPress SEO Plugins. This brand is a big name in the SEO Industry, so we need to definitely include this plugin.

We need to have a SEMrush account to use this plugin. We can register accounts freely. This free account will give you access to only one template.

Following are the amazing features of the SEMRush WordPress Plugin

  • Analyzes Content on the basis of SEO Friendly Writing & gives you scores
  • Provides Text Suggestions on how to improve content for SEO purposes
  • We can add targeted keywords in writing assistant
  • Will offer related keyword recommendations based on targeted keyword

4. Rank Math

A rank Math SEO plugin is integrated with Google Search Console so that you can see all important information regarding your website directly from the administrative dashboard.

Moreover, it allows you to manage all On-Page SEO work needs for every type of content on your website.

Features of Rank Math includes

  • Rich Snippets
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Image SEO
  • Local SEO
  • 404 Monitoring
  • Redirects
  • Internal Linking Suggestions

Apart from these, the Rank Math SEO Plugin allows you to manage meta tags for things like

  • Noindex
  • Nofollow
  • No archive

Due to these many features, we say Rank Math is one of the best SEO WordPress Plugins.


5. All in One SEO Pack

This SEO plugin is useful for both candidates who have a single website and those who have multiple websites. The name itself says that All in One SEO Plugin for your website needs.

This plugin is clear and easy to navigate the dashboard. It has active 2 million installations. It’s most similar to the Yoast SEO Plugin. But the interface and pricing options are different for each tool.


6. Ahrefs

Initially, Ahrefs is an SEO Tool kit that provides Keyword Research, Backlinks reports, and other SEO Data on our website. Now Ahrefs developed a WordPress plugin to provide more actionable insights directly to your dashboard.

Ahrefs has the largest backlinks analysis power where no other site can provide. Along with that, SEO analysis is based on data from your Google Analytics, and a content audit tool to provide real-time recommendations as you produce content to rank.


7. Google XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemap is an auto SEO WordPress Plugin created to generate a Sitemap for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is considered one of the best WordPress SEO Plugin because

  • Easy to use ad understand
  • Once installed and settings have done, we need not do anything else
  • It automatically updates the sitemap whenever you publish new content

8. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin

In general, Google Analytics is a highly useful website or tool to check our website performance analysis. This particular tool provides huge data regarding our website where we can realize and avoid our mistakes and take better ideas based on this report for our website growth.

Through Google Analytics SEO Plugin, users can check their website performance directly from the dashboard

It provides the following data regarding our website

  • Provides link (internal & external) tracking
  • Easy to track website traffic & user engagement
  • Live website users report, demographic access

Other than these, we can get a lot more stuff from Google Analytics. So it is one of the best WordPress Plugins & Tools 2022.


9. Easy Table Of Contents

This plugin is very useful for blogging websites. Because in blogging websites we have blogs with lengthy content. So to make it clear and break it into small containers, this plugin is very useful.

Easy Table Of Contents can add anchor texts for your blog headings and make them easier to navigate.



Redirection SEO Plugin is very helpful in WordPress. Because it redirects users from one page to another page. Using this plugin is also very simple.

We will have columns for Source URL and Target URL. Just fill those columns and hit “add redirect”. That’s all. It is implemented for 301 redirects. This plugin is 100% free and has no Premium Version.

As it is helpful for both search engines and people, it is Best SEO Plugins & Tools For WordPress 2022.


11. Image Compression Plugin

Generally, almost all kinds of websites need this WordPress SEO Plugin. Images play a key role in any kind of website.

Image compression is a technique of reducing image size without damaging the quality of the image.

We have a plugin called “ShortPixel” in WordPress which automatically compresses the new image and you can also compress old images.


So these are the Basic and Best WordPress SEO Plugins you need to have for your website. Users can install more plugins according to their website requirements.

Along with the plugins, we have the best SEO Tools 2022 which helps our website grow faster and make our work easy. To know more about   Best SEO Plugins & Tools For WordPress 2022, click on the below link.

Know More About Top WordPress Plugins For SEO 2022

Final Conclusion

In final, we want to conclude that, using WordPress Plugins & Tools is very necessary to grow our website. So we must make use of them to make our work easier and more creative.

Still, if you have doubts regarding WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools 2022, post them in below comment box.

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