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Published by   Digital Aroma   on January 9, 2023   has 0 comments

How To Prepare Digital Marketing Resume | Points To Be Added | Certifications


Hello Candidates, today we have come up with an interesting topic. i.e. “Digital Marketing Resume”.

The main reason to choose this topic is, it will be very useful for the candidates those who are trying for Digital Marketing Career. In general, Digital Marketing is not any academic course. This course will available in special coaching institutes.

Generally, many candidates will have different educational backgrounds like Engineering, Marketing, and Architecture etc. So as a habit everyone will design their resume according to their studies.  But when we are attending Digital Marketing Interviews our resume should be unique.

Let’s explore this topic clearly and know more info about Digital Marketing CV.

Blog Contents

  • What is Digital Marketing Resume?
  • Why we design Special Resume for Digital Marketing?
  • Which Topics should we Included in the Digital Marketing CV?
  • How to get Digital Marketing Certifications?
  • Final Conclusion

Above are the blog topics where you can find clear info about Digital Marketing Resume for Fresher and Experienced candidates. Let’s get started.

What is Digital Marketing Resume?

The Resume which we design or prepare specially for the Digital Marketing role is known as Digital Marketing Resume. Most of this resume contains our interests in Digital Marketing.

Since Digital Marketing is not an academic course we need to design a unique resume with all our experiences, certifications, interests regarding Digital Marketing.

Why we design Special Resume for Digital Marketing?

Many of the candidates who are from different educational backgrounds like engineering are interested in Digital Marketing careers. Those candidates will complete the Digital Marketing Course and attend the interviews. Here is the big mistake. Since they are from an engineering background, 70% of their resume contains technical info and technical skills they have i.e. Java, C++, C etc. Whenever you are interested in the Digital Marketing field, your resume should speak about your Digital Marketing Skills.

But 90% of the candidates will just include their Digital Marketing Certifications in Resume and the rest of the resume will speak about their educational background. This is the case where you have a chance to lose the job. The interviewer will not show any interest to interview the candidate after observing such resumes. This is the reason why we should design a special Digital Marketing Resume.

Which Topics should we include in the Digital Marketing CV?

In all kinds of resumes, we add some common stuff like education, hobbies, interests etc. While creating Digital Marketing Resume we need to be careful.

Most of the candidates are unaware of adding Digital Marketing Topics to their resumes. Now let us know about them in detail.

1. Education

Education is the first and common thing that will be added to all kinds of resumes. So add your educational criteria right from school to graduation.

2. Certifications

This is the point where we need to be more careful. While adding certifications, make sure that those certifications are related to Digital Marketing. Please do not add C++, Java Certifications while attending Digital Marketing Interviews. It makes no sense.

3. Internships

Internships will add more value to your resume. So make sure that you attend 1 or 2 Internships in Digital Marketing and add them in your CV. Again please do not add Internships regarding your educational background.

4. Work Experiences

  • If you are a fresher do not add any work experiences.
  • On other hand if you have any past work experiences add them in the resume undoubtedly even though it is not related to Digital Marketing.
  • Explain your past work experience clearly along with the time period.
  • Mention your past Work Responsibilities clearly in a bullet point format.
  • Try to relate your past experience with Digital Marketing platform if possible.

5. Skills

This is another point where you need to think twice before adding your skills in the resume. And use the bullets to specify your skills don’t use paragraphs.

Your skills should be related to Digital Marketing. For example

  • Increasing Social Media Followers
  • Increasing Brand’s revenue
  • Building a Brand for a particular company etc.

6. Interests

At this point, you can explain yourself to the interviewer through your resume. That means, your interests should impress the Interviewer. And those interests should be helpful for Digital Marketing. For Example

“Interested in knowing Regular Google Updates”, this interest tells that candidate use to keep him/herself updated with the Google which is a very useful habit or hobby for Digital Marketers.

7. Hobbies

In general, many candidates use to put their regular hobbies in their resumes. But here is a good tip for you. Before going to Interview for a company once check the company’s profile.

After then change your hobbies part according to the company. For example, keep “Writing Articles” as a hobby when you are going to a Digital Marketing Interview. This will help you to gain a good impression from your Interviewer.

Click Here to check Digital Marketing Sample Resume

How to get Digital Marketing Certifications?

In the above section, we have discussed Digital Marketing Certifications. These certifications will play a prominent role when you have chosen Digital Marketing Career.

You can get these Certifications by completing the Digital Marketing Course. Join the nearby institute and complete the course. After course completion, your trainer will conduct the test and provide you with the Digital Marketing Certifications.

Know more about Digital Marketing Course and Certification

Final Conclusion

In final we want to say that every recruiter will spend 6 to 7 seconds on your resume to send an interview call letter. So make sure that your resume is a perfect Digital Marketing Resume before attending the interview.

Still, if you have doubts about Digital Marketing CV post them in the below comment box. In future, we will also provide Digital Marketing Resume for Fresher, Digital Marketing Sample Resume etc. So, stay tuned.

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