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Published by   Digital Aroma   on January 21, 2023   has 0 comments

Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads | 3 Biggest Differences | Benefits

Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads 3 Biggest Differences Benefits

Confused about where to advertise your business? Then here is the glimpse of two popular social platforms. Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads. 

We all know that social media is the best platform for businesses to advertise and promote their brands online. So, let us know some useful information about Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. 

Among all the social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram stand top. Both platforms have nearly 2 billion daily active users. Moreover, the platform is set to attract more marketers in the future.

However, let us know which would be a better option if you wish to put some of your marketing budget to run ads. 

Blog Contents 

  1. What Are Facebook & Instagram Ads? 
  2. 3 Biggest Differences Between FB & IG Ads 
  3. Which Is Better For Business Promotions 
  4. Why Not Use Both? 
  5. Final Conclusion 

Above are the blog contents framed in this article with clear information. We are suggesting candidates to read the full article to know the complete information. 

What Are Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Facebook & Instagram are the top social media platforms that businesses are using to make their business grow online. Both organic and advertising marketing services are allowed by these platforms. 

Brands make use of Facebook & Instagram ads to get the quality leads and desired results for their businesses. To use the advertising feature, brand owners need to pay a certain budget to both the platforms. 

Advertising features will have different elements like reach, post engagement, leads, etc. Advertisers can choose the best suitable element to acquire the best results. 

3 Biggest Differences Between FB & IG Ads 

Facebook & Instagram Platforms have almost the same demand for the business marketing, reach etc. But still, there are few biggest differences when it comes to placing business ads. Let us check 5 biggest differences of Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads

1. Mode Of Use 

In general, Facebook ads have a long history as these ads came into existence long ago than Instagram. Also, fb ads have more features than IG ads. So, when a person wants to use fb ads, then he must contact a professional who is experienced with the interface and all. 

In simple words, Facebook ads have a similar interface like Google AdWords. On the other hand, Instagram ads are a bit easier to place. Even a common man who does not have an idea of placing ads can complete the procedure very easily. 

So, in a final words, we can say that using Instagram platform is easier than Facebook for placing ads. 

2. Reach 

The ultimate goal behind a marketing campaign is to get more reach and more leads. 

Marketing studies have revealed that 1/3 of Instagram users had bought directly from an ad. The number is a bit surprising in terms of how high it is, as we notice that many Instagram users follow many brands and are more likely to convert.

Moreover, Instagram has younger demographics compared to Facebook and pulls ahead when it comes to branded advertising content. 

That is not to say that Facebook is not good in terms of reach. Facebook has more users than Instagram. However, if a brand is trying to target younger demographics, using Instagram platform is the best option. 

3. Costs 

Costs are the most important aspect for any brand trying to come up with an efficient advertising campaign.Since the competition is high for Instagram, brands have to invest more money to stand out from the competition.

According to Social Insider, the average CPC on Facebook is about $0.50. Meanwhile, Instagram is more than double at $1.10.

Now it is the brand owner choice to choose the best suitable and affordable platform for him in Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads. 

We hope these 3 biggest differences will help you choose the best platform to run your business ads. In the next section let us find the more useful information. 

Know More About Differences Between Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads 

Which Is Better For Business Promotions? 

In recent years, social media sites have become an essential part in business marketing. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most used sites today, billions of active users.

If your brand is a major player in the social game, then you need to definitely find out which platform is better for your business to execute ads like Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads. 

Benefits Of Facebook Promotions 

Starting with Facebook, it is one of the three most visited websites on the web, along with Google and YouTube rankings. Moreover, Facebook has a unique appeal to adult internet users across all age groups with an 82% participation rate. This provides businesses with the best opportunity to increase their ad visibility.

This means that advertising on Facebook is a beneficial choice. For advertising  blogs, other related products, or landing pages, Facebook is the perfect platform. Along with that, this platform also allows you to include direct links in your posts too. 

Benefits Of Instagram Promotions 

Instagram is an ideal site for reaching a younger audience. It is recognized as a much more visual platform than Facebook, with various categories such as fashion, photography, beauty, and architecture etc. 

Moreover, the best aspect of advertising on Instagram platform is that 72% of marketers are already taking advantage of it.

Instagram’s stunning features, such as reels, product posts, product tags, badges, and guides, are making it an increasingly advantageous platform for marketing. 

Along with that, both small and large companies are making the most of the Instagram tools to solidify their brand image.

So, when compared to Facebook, Instagram allows marketers to reach a desirable, engaged young demographic at a low cost, with free platform resources.

Know Which Platform Is More Useful For The Business Promotions 

Why Not Use Both Platforms? 

Yes, definitely! No matter how many unique features and benefits both the platforms contain, we will suggest brands to make use of both the platforms for advertising. 

It is considered as a best and smart move as we do not know from which platform we will get the leads. Being a marketing expert, we always suggest starting with one platform and consider the other one if you are unable to get leads from the single platform. 

Moreover, there is a scope for all kinds of businesses on social media. They can get potential leads by reaching targeted audiences. So, it is suggested to use both Facebook & Instagram advertising platforms if affordable. 

If not, you can switch the platforms and observe which is working better for your brand. By this you can run standard campaigns in the particular platform. 

Final Conclusion 

Finally, we want to conclude that, for those wanting to target an older, more traditional audience, Facebook is a great option. And, Instagram is the best platform for younger demographics.  

Moreover, the most important thing to remember is that understanding the audience and observing competition is more important no matter whatever platform you choose. Marketers should be capable of designing ad strategies before placing them to make them run effectively. 

Still if you have doubts regarding Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads, please comment below. If you are looking to advertise your business on social media, please contact us. We provide the best Digital Marketing Services for all kinds of businesses. 

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