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By Digital Aroma updated on May 15, 2021

Are you looking forward to learn YouTube Marketing? Then don’t go any way. You are in the right place. In this article, let us see important points about video marketing.

After reading this article, you will get clarity on many things like who & why should we learn YouTube video marketing. Additionally, you can view some steps and tips to promote your YouTube channel.

Blog Contents

  • What Is YouTube Marketing?
  • Who Should Learn YouTube Marketing?
  • Why Should We Learn YouTube Video Marketing?
  • Learn YouTube Marketing In 10 Easy Steps
  • YouTube Tools For Video Marketing
  • Final Conclusion

So, above all are the blog contents framed in this article. If you are a beginner or you are struggling in video marketing, follow the entire article without any skip.

What Is YouTube Marketing?

In simple, marketing our business products or services on YouTube platform in the form of video is known as YouTube Marketing.

Not only business products or services but also other things like our personal talents (singing, cooking, dancing, travelling, etc.) can be included in this platform.

A person who really wants to become influencer in any particular field can also use YouTube platform to reach audience.

Who Should Learn YouTube Marketing?

There are no specific boundaries that only these particular persons can learn youtube marketing. Anyone who wants to reach audience through YouTube can learn this.

Any have, we are mentioning few points to bring certain idea for the readers.

  • Travelers
  • Fashion & Beauty Influencers
  • Business persons
  • Influencers
  • Vloggers
  • Craft workers
  • Painters
  • Singers & Dancers
  • Career Advisors
  • Doctors
  • Digital Marketing Agencies

Apart from this list, anyone can learn YouTube video marketing if they are really wished to become influencer. The above list is for just an idea for beginners.

Why Should We Learn YouTube Video Marketing?

Video marketing has awesome craze now. And, YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine after Google. If we open YouTube, there are millions and millions of channels right from the business person to women homemakers.

Even kinds are using this platform to try something different at the small age. This means the competition is very high. So, if you want to become a YouTuber, learning the process is must. Only then you can reach targeted audience and beat competitors.

Starting a YouTube channel without learning the process and making your strategy is waste of time. Moreover, YouTube algorithm criteria have also become difficult as number of channels is increasing day by day.

In order to meet the algorithm criteria, to gain more subscribers & likes, you must learn YouTube Video Marketing. Check out the below link for more information.

How To Increase YouTube Subscribers Professionally

Learn YouTube Marketing In 10 Easy Steps

In the above sections we have explained about why you should promote your youtube channel. In this section let us few points on how effective is YouTube before look in to the learning strategy.

Generally, YouTube has become the most used social media platform by many business persons. In fact, it is the best online video marketing platform that contains countless marketing opportunities.

Moreover, to face competition like more than 500 hours video uploaded every minute, we must have particular and our own YouTube Video Marketing Strategy. Fortunately we put some useful steps here.

1. Start The Channel

The first and foremost step is to decide the topic for your channel. If you are a business person, it can be a business channel. On other hand, if you are an individual and want to become influencer then you must decide the niche.

No matter on which topic you start the channel, you must be very passionate on that. For example, let us take beauty & fashion. If you start channel on this topic, you must have passion and at most interest to become success on YouTube.

You must ready to try unique challenges that your subscribers suggested and experiment with various things. Creating viral or at least unique content is very important.

Start YouTube Channel Video marketing

2. Create the Channel Trailer

Channel trailer is very important. Audience must know about your channel content before they start watching. Create a small trailer video and introduce your channel and yourself in that video.

Channel trailer video is the best way to give some good reasons for your audience to subscribe your channel. It is like a preview and audience will get to know what type of content they can view in your channel.

Create Trailer Video YouTube Marketing

3. Learn About Your Audience

Learning about your audience is very important. You need to invest some time in this to get quantitative data. Especially, if you are a new YouTuber, data you get about knowing your audience will help you a lot.

From which location your getting more views, which age group of people is watching your videos, etc. this kind of data is very helpful. Already your videos are getting enough views for analytics; you can watch the YouTube Analytics.

Concentrate more on watch time and demographics stats. And, compare whether they are matching with your assumptions or not. Always try to grow your audience by creating desirable videos for them.

Learn About Your Audience YouTube Video Marketing

4. Know Your Competitors

In general, we have competitors everywhere. Coming to YouTube, it is huge!!…. Really, we have a huge competition on YouTube for almost all niches.

Research and identify your competitors. To find your competitors, search your video keywords and titles on YouTube. Now watch which channels have uploaded videos on the same topic. List out all the channels you are competing with.

After finding the competitors, analyze their channels. Observe how they are framing the content and note the positive & negative aspects of their channel. By analyzing all these things, try to produce better content than them.

Know Your Competitors Learn YouTube Marketing

5. Learn From Other Channels

Learning is a skill. Usually, many YouTubers learn from other channels. Once check out the trending videos and observe them. If those channels are not related to your channel niche, still you can learn many things. Whether they are using high production or casual videos, video length, attractive points, etc. are the things you need to learn from trending videos.

Moreover, many experienced channels will share some tips specially for YouTube video marketing. Those tips are very useful as they were shared by real strugglers like you.

Learn From Other Channels YouTube Influencers

6. Optimizing Videos Is Compulsory

In general, many candidates will ignore SEO Optimization for their videos. But the real fact is that, you will not going to reach your audience until or unless you optimize the videos in this heavy competition.

Of course, SEO is the best and fastest way to grow your channel, target & reach the audience. Let us see, which points you need to cover while optimizing videos

  • Keywords: Keywords are the heart of the SEO. You must use related keywords for your videos. Use the keywords in Title & Description
  • Title: Remember that your title must have the primary keyword in it. After that you can include any other matter in the Title.
  • Tags: Tags have equal importance with the keywords. Tags help our videos to reach more targeted audience.
  • Thumbnails: Best and easiest way to make your videos clickable is making creative thumbnails. Users should click on your video as soon as they saw your thumbnails.
  • Description: A keyword rich description is necessary to get more views and subscribers for your videos. Description is the place where you can give detailed info about your videos in a text form that you have missed in the video.
  • Promotions: Do not forget to promote your videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is also a part of SEO.Optimizing videos YouTube Marketing

7. Commit To Schedule

Uploading videos as per the schedule will show your commitment towards the channel. After gaining certain subscribers, check your analytics at which day and time most of your videos are viewed.

If once you are able to point out this, you can aim to upload videos on particular day at particular time. For this, you can make use of features like auto upload in creator studio.

Commit To Schedule Promote Your YouTube Channel

8. Manage Channel & Make Use Of YouTube Features

Managing channel is nothing but responding to the comments, verifying your subscriptions, verifying YouTube Analytics, etc. All these things will help you keep the channel updated.

YouTube also provide many features like End Screens. Through this feature, you can add 4 clickable related videos at the end of one particular video. By clicking these, users can easily navigate to other related videos.

Manage Channel Learn YouTube Marketing

9. Promote Channel On Social Media

Promotion is very important. Remember that gaining subscribers & views on YouTube is not that easy especially if you are a beginner. We must gain subscribers from social media platforms.

For this, we need to create social pages on possible social media platforms, gain followers. Then, we can post updates about our YouTube channel in the social media platforms.

Promote Channel On Social Media YouTube Video Marketing

10. Try YouTube Advertising & Collaboration

Yes, YouTube Advertising is the point where most of the YouTubers ignore. If try once, we can able to understand the pros and cons. Next time we can decide whether to continue or not. By doing this we need not regret for not trying YouTube advertising.

Coming to collaboration, it has become very common now. By collaborating with other related channels, their viewers will come to know about your channel and vice versa. You can also build good relationship with co-youtubers.

Try YouTube Advertsing and Collaborations YouTube Influencers

I hope these 10 points make learning YouTube Marketing easy for you. For more and detailed information, check out the below link.

Know More About YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Tools For Video Marketing

To make our efforts easy and effective, there are many YouTube Marketing Tools are available online. By using them we can make our work more easy and effective.

YouTube Tools For Video Marketing - Learn YouTube Marketing

All these tools are intended to save our time and make our efforts success. Many YouTube Marketing Services will make use of these tools to develop multiple channels at a time. So, use these tools and work smart.

Final Conclusion

Finally, we want to conclude that, don’t doubt yourself whether you can be success YouTube Influencer or not. It is one of the best platforms to show our talent and skills without wasting a single penny. And, it is a commitment without boss. No one will pressure you in this platform.

This is the best resources for many businesses and candidates who want to become YouTube Influencers. Still if you have doubts about YouTube Marketing, post them in below comment box.

And, if you want YouTube Marketing Services for your business, feel free to contact Digital Aroma the best digital marketing services and training.


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