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Published by   Digital Aroma   on January 20, 2022   has 0 comments

7 Ways to Grow Your Business by Nifty Content | Digital Marketing Agency in Vijayawada


Hello Readers, Our recent searches have declared that Content Marketing is the best way to grow small scale businesses. Due to this reason, we are updating our blog ‘7 Ways to Grow Your Business by Nifty Content’.

We included all the latest updates of Content Marketing in this blog. We assure you that these updates are very useful and unique for all kinds of Small Scale businesses. So, check out them.

This article is for the small-scale business solutions or services which will teach – What is content Marketing, Its History, Benefits and its scope in 2021 and also we will see about 7 ways to grow your business by content marketing.

Let’s start with,

WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING | Digital Marketing Agency in Vijayawada

Content Marketing is tactical marketing that has grown significantly in this trend, but for years brands have been launching chronicles to entice and retain customers. In other words, Content marketing is all about designing, allocating and spreading, serviceable, pertinence and compatible content to entice and retain the right audience.


Content Marketing is not new, business has been employing content marketing strategies for years. The oldest content marketing examples have been discovered.

1681 – William Penn exploited content marketing for the establishment of Pennsylvania.

1732 – Benjamin Franklin to assist his print shop

1801 – Giovanni Antonio Galignani to assist his bookstore

1861 – American Bee Journal is launched by Samuel Wagner

1867 – “THE LOCOMOTIVE”, the magazine from Hartford Steam Boiler

1882 – The use of electric lightning was spread by “The Edison Electric Lighting Company Bulletin”

Despite all these examples John Deere’s “The Furrow” has become a brand magazine born generations before the term content marketing was coined.

Its popularity quickly snowballed and has reached soon to a wide range of consumers of different countries.

Today in the 21st-century content marketing has created a vivid impact in digital media marketing.





Content marketing has a good scope in this internet world. This is going to be huge in the future as online consumers have increased to a large extent than ever. Yet, it works out only when we can provide the content that could influence and gain the confidence of customers. In today’s life, most businesses are taking advantage of the spreading widely of technology by implementing digital marketing methods. We are helping our clients who are seeking content marketing services / digital marketing services by the source as a digital marketing agency in Vijayawada.

Latest Content Marketing Strategy:

Follow the below steps to put the latest content marketing strategy in your business. For the sake of our readers, we have divided this strategy into steps.

Go through the steps of the Latest Content Marketing Strategy carefully. These steps will help you to content marketing for your business in a proper way.

  1. Who is the Client?

Before starting a project, we need to collect some information about our client like

  • Who is the client
  • What do they do
  • What is their story
  • For whom they provide service
  • Other background details

By gathering these types of information, we can get a clear idea about Clients and there will be more scope to work for them effectively.

  1. Who is the Audience?

There is a need to about the Audience while we are implementing Content Marketing Services. We should remember a few points regarding our audience such as

  • Who are the targeted audience
  • What they are searching for
  • How many Types of Audience

So that, we can get a clear idea about our audience and we can prepare our Content Marketing Strategy accordingly.

  1. What needs to be known?

While doing a project, we need to be specific at particular points and we should know some points such as

  • Purpose of implementing Content Marketing Services
  • What is our goal in implementing Content Marketing Services
  • Whom should reach our Content Marketing Services

By covering these elements, we can provide the best Content Marketing Services to our clients.

  1. How does the Brand Communicates?

When we are implementing Content Marketing Services, we need to choose different types of Brand Communications. There are many good ways to make our brand to communicate. Such as

  • Image Content: Images will explain the concept of your brand.
  • Voice Content: A few seconds of Voice Content can explain your brand features.
  • Video Content: Video Content will help your readers who are unable to read the text content. A single video will speak about your brand.

Your client will feel awesome if you include the above elements in your Content Marketing Strategy. Along with that your services will stand out as unique Content Marketing Services than others.

  1. All elements in a brief Document

It is safe and good to prepare a brief document of all elements of a project. When we are running multiple projects, there will be a chance to get confused between one project to another project.

In order to avoid this confusion, we need to prepare a brief document of all elements such as

  • Project Title
  • Client Name
  • Deadline
  • Submissions
  • Specifications
  • Resources
  • Contact Information etc.

This background work will help you so much if you get any doubts while implementing the Content Marketing Services.

  1. Prepare the brief Documents Early

Many of the content marketers will prepare the brief document after the completion of the project. But it is advisable that, prepare the brief documents early. The reason behind it is, if you prepare the documents early, you can handover them to co-content marketers who are doing other projects.

Some of the elements for every project will be the same; only two or three elements will be changed according to the type of project. So, early documentation will help you complete the projects fast.

7 Ways to Grow Your Business by Nifty Content | Digital Marketing Agency in Vijayawada

Well, Nifty Content is attractive or effective content that is made up by using content marketing strategies and plans. We will see how content marketing can be useful for business growth? Here are:

1. Clearly Defined Business Goals (for your content):

For better content, the specialist should know about the goals as these goals should always be representing things in a way that is accurate and true.

To be notified all the content should not go beyond these goals as it leads to different types of consequences which are not appropriate to your business.

These goals should be the short term and long term for getting the best content.

Keeping in mind objectives that will be easy to get traffic for the unique content, in which they were planned with exact words to grab your customer’s requirement.

These are the few points that should keep in mind while making your business goals for content marketing:

  • Conversion of Leads to Customer
  • Unique Content
  • Making Sales
  • Information Delivery
  • Improve Branding
  • Customer Support

2. Driving Traffic through – Image and Video Search

Content Marketing can greatly benefit from the use of Audio, Video and Images, as most people would be more curious to watch Images & Videos rather than scrolling through pages of text.

In this generation, people are very much interested to share the data which they like most by using different types of channels from digital marketing.

The most effective way of driving the traffic is by posting the proper content in image/infographic format or in video format.

So while creating the content it is very important to find out in which format content can be attractive to the customers to increase the traffic to the website.

Readers, please don’t think that content is only a text. Content is all about Image, Video, Info Graphic, Voice etc. Most people will like to watch images and videos rather than text content. So we need to remember this while uploading content to our website.

Image Content:

Image Content is the evergreen Content Marketing technique that every website developer or Digital Marketer applies. Image Content will help uneducated people to understand your business concept. Searches have declared that most people use to search for the images rather than reading the text content.

Video Content:

Video Content now become very popular on Social Media sites. Many business people are creating videos innovatively to reach their audience. Video Marketing is very powerful because a single video can explain the whole concept of business just in 30 seconds. Beyond these, product videos can assure trust for your brands.

Voice Content:

As technology increases, the searching modes of users are also changing. At present, most of the users are used to voice search for the desired product. In the same way, the reply information is also available invoice content. It is simple to form rather than typing queries and reading the text content information. By reading the above points carefully, understand the usage of Content Marketing and implement the Content Marketing Services for your business in order to get quicker growth.

3. Use Social Media to Promote your Content

In fact, content that has good stuff and is attractive can post on your social channels. That shows the growth of social networks and organically increase traffic to your website.

For the promotion of your products/services in social media, there should be High-Quality of Content that shows good insights for the particular time period.

Social media is an effective way of promoting, sharing the normal content to others and getting popular as well-known content. If the content is good and new to the trending topics, people can easily share the content and can get leads from the targeted audience.

Most importantly, when you post content that is good and useful to people you can get the bigger followers in place.

4. User Engagement With Your Content:

Valuable Content is the best way to keep your customers engaged on your website. Here are two benefits of user engagement.

  1. Engagement promotes familiarity and loyalty.
  2. Engagement enhances visibility.

So user engagement is important in the standout process of converting visitors to leads, try increasing engagement on content by providing different types of options to the customers like comments, polls, shares, positive reviews etc.


5. Content Marketing with SEO:

The interesting topic the content marketing is with SEO, as we all know that more content is equivalent to more keywords and keywords are the main source of SEO Strategy. With the usage of articles, blogs, posts, images, videos, infographics and other written content, you can use more keywords relevant to what your website is about and what people are searching for. By writing more relevant, effective content to the customers that can have more time to invest in your website, and also increase your rapid growth of website traffic and can convert visitors into leads.


6. Re-sharing your posts multiple times

Content Writers should consider reviving old content to publish or share again and again randomly to reach more people, as effective content which was shared by the people earlier by checking out the post insights. One of the main useful strategies is to give the reference of the old content post to link with the latest content post. In social media, the content which are having more likes and shares can be re-post to reach the maximum. These re-sharing posts can be useful for the customers to make a long relationship and transfer the liked post to others and improve the business by getting leads.


7. Follow Latest Trends:

Following the latest trends or updates can be useful for our business and also to the customers and move away from the traditional strategies. Be aware that to provide fresh content and the latest topics to the customers.

Also, check out these sources to know more about types of content:

105 Types Of Content Will Help You Tell Your Story

Small Business Should Utilize Content Marketing


These 7 ways can build your content attractive and effective easily. Start looking at data to find your truly high-quality content. Start optimizing for engagement and you’ll find huge content wins.



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