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Published by   Digital Aroma   on January 12, 2023   has 0 comments

Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions | 20 Common Questions | Tips


Hello Readers, Today we have come up with an interesting topic and also a very useful topic for students, employed candidates etc. i.e. Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions.

Digital Marketing has taken new steps in the world by developing various innovative techniques. Due to this reason, many people are showing interest in Digital Marketing. We came to notice that candidates are completing Digital Marketing Certifications and joining Digital Marketing Companies.

On account of this, we have decided to give some important Digital Marketing Job Interview Questions and Answers. These questions will be useful for both fresher and experienced candidates. We want to educate our readers about Digital Marketing through this blog.

Contents of the Blog

  • Introduction
  • What are Digital Marketing Interview Questions?
  • Why this article?
  • How does this article will help you?
  • Commonly asked Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers
  • Top Digital Marketing Executive Interview Questions
  • Few Tips regarding Digital Marketing Questions
  • Conclusion

By reading the above content itself you can understand how effectively we have framed the content for the sake of our readers. So, let’s get started.


The introduction part will tell the actual purpose of this blog and the importance of this blog. So you can decide whether to go through the remaining blog or not.

  • What are Digital Marketing Interview Questions?

Digital Marketing interview questions are the questions asked in every Digital Marketing company during the time of hiring new candidates into the Digital Marketing field.

These questions will be asked by Digital Marketing Managers in order to check the interviewee knowledge and ability in Digital Marketing. The interview difficulty level will depend on the post that candidate choose.

  • Why this article?

We have noticed that many candidates are choosing Digital Marketing as their career option.  So, we thought that it would be nice if we share some useful tips and top interview questions of Digital Marketing.

It is sure that this article contains so much useful stuff for the candidates who are interested in Digital Marketing and for the candidates who want to make their career in this field.

  • How does this article will help you?

The information which is enclosed in this article is collected from different sources. For the sake of our readers, we have made a research on Top Digital Marketing Job Interview Questions & Answers and selected the best question and answers from them.

The question and answers available here will be useful for both freshers and experienced candidates. By this, we can say that Digital Marketing Interview Questions article will help you a larger extent.

Commonly asked Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers

The interview level for the Fresher would be less difficult as they enter into this field for the first time. Candidates who are trained properly before coming to the interview can easily crack this interview if they have some common skills.

Why Because Digital Marketing Trainers will prepare their students for Digital Marketing Interviews during the time of coaching by giving complete basic knowledge. These basics will help the new candidates very much during their interview times.

Even then many candidates feel stressed by thinking about which type of questions will be asked in the interview. Due to this, we are providing some top digital marketing fresher interview questions.

20 Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions asked in Interview

Below are some of the commonly asked Online Marketing Interview Questions in every Digital Marketing Interview.

1. What is AMP in Google?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a Google-backed project designed as an open standard for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. On Feb. 24, 2016, Google officially integrated AMP listings into its mobile search results.

Check Out More about AMP

2. How AI is changing the Face of Digital Marketing, Give an Example?

With effective data analysis and the ability to adapt to input, AI is taking over the human role of identifying marketing trends. Brands and marketers are leveraging AI digital marketing to save time and resources through automated digital marketing services. Ex: CHATBOTS – Chatbots are the biggest example of the use of AI technology. They act as a virtual assistant for consumers whether you ask Alexa to play your favourite song or Siri to set an alarm.

Check Out more about AI

3. What are Google Algorithm Updates?

Google has a long history of updating its algorithms. As per the new trends and technologies, they will update their algorithms with the latest features. Follow the below link to know all Google Algorithm Updates.

Check Out Google Algorithm Updates

4. Difference between http and https?

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol whereas HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. By this, we can understand that HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. So candidates make sure that their websites ate HTTPS but not HTTP.

Click Here to know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

5. How long will it take a new website to rank in Google?

We cannot achieve results for our website overnight. Some websites will take 6 months and some websites will take 3 months. It will depend on the type of technique we choose to optimize our website.

Click Here to know the complete answer.

6. What are XML sitemaps?

You want Google to crawl every important page of your website, but sometimes pages end up without any internal links pointing to them, making them hard to find. An XML sitemap lists a website’s important pages, making sure Google can find and crawl them all.

Check Out more about XML Sitemap

7. What is a canonical tag?

A canonical tag (aka “rel canonical”) is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical tag prevents problems caused by identical or “duplicate” content appearing on multiple URLs. Practically speaking, the canonical tag tells search engines which version of a URL you want to appear in search results.

Check Out More about Canonical Tag

8. What is robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct web robots (typically search engine robots) how to crawl pages on their website. The robots.txt file is part of the robots exclusion protocol (REP), a group of web standards that regulate how robots crawl the web, access and index content, and serve that content up to users. This is the compulsory Digital Marketing Interview Questions among all the questions.

Check Out More about robots.txt

9. What Is CPC?

Cost per click, or CPC, is the amount you pay for each click on one of your PPC ads on platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

Your cost per click is determined by several factors, including your maximum bid, your Quality Score, and the ad rank of other advertisers bidding for the same keyword.

Check Out More about CPC

10. What is the Campaign Types Included in Google Ads?

  • Search Network with Display Select
  • Search Network only
  • Display Network only
  • Shopping
  • Video
  • Universal app

Check Out For More Details

11. What are the Character Limits for Text Ads?

Field                                   Max length

Headline 1                       30 characters

Headline 2                       30 characters

3rd Headline                    Characters – 30

Description 1                  90 characters

Description 2                 90 characters

Path (2)                          15 characters each

Check Out For More Details

12. What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is an evaluation of the quality and relevance of your keywords and PPC ads. It is calculated for each keyword between 1 to 10. Quality Score defines the quality of keywords compared with Ads, Ad text, and Landing Page.

Quality Scores are essentially a measure of relevance; more relevant ads, campaigns, and landing pages have higher clickthrough rates (CTRs), which raises your Quality Score.

Check Out For More Details

13. What are the types of Facebook Ads?

This question is also considered to be one of the Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions. Photo ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, Slideshow ads, Collection ads, Instant Experience ads, Lead ads, Dynamic ads, Messenger ads.

Check Out For More Details

14. What is the Business Networking Site in Social Media Marketing?

Everyone talks about the power of Facebook ads (I’m not discounting how dynamic they can be; in fact, I’ve had great success using them myself), but the LinkedIn ad platform is even more powerful considering the demographic is made up of decision-makers.

Check Out For More Details

15. What are Hashtags?

A word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it. When a user uses a hashtag in social media posts, Hashtag will be indexed by the social network and becomes searchable and can be discovered by other users.

Check Out For More Details

16. Mention Some Email Marketing Tools Used for Business?

Email Marketing has great scope to bring customers to the business. With structured and perfect emails we can attract our site visitors. For this process, we need to use some Email Marketing Tools.

Click Here to check some of the Email Marketing Tools.

17. What is Responsive Web Design?

The responsive design technique is a trend which is developed recently. This technique will help the developers to create a website that can access from any device irrespective of its size. This is also the best Digital Marketing Interview Questions out of the frequently asked questions.

Check Out For More Details

18. What are the Digital Marketing Tools?

Competition for Digital Marketing is very high. By knowing its benefits, a huge number of candidates are implementing Digital Marketing techniques for their business.

In this race, Digital Marketing Tools will help you to stand top among your competitors and help your posts to get more views and shares.

Click Here to check the Digital Marketing Tools.

19. What is the best way to increase traffic to your website?

Every business holder is creating a website and uploading it. But there will be the use of those websites only if they drive traffic.

There is a number of ways to drive traffic to our website. Out of them, we have selected the best ways to increase your website traffic.

Click Here to check the best ways to increase the traffic.

20. Why is online marketing preferred over offline marketing?

Offline marketing is considered to be traditional marketing and a very time taking process. On other hand, Online marketing is very fast and there is a number of benefits over Offline marketing.

Click Here to check out the complete answer.

Some Common HR Questions

1. How does your Qualification helps you in the Digital Marketing Career?

This is one of the tricky questions in digital strategy interview questions that every interviewer wants to ask the candidates as Digital Marketing is not related to your qualification.

Students, you need to understand that interview wants to know the skills you have possessed during your education and other tactics you have. This is the reason why interviewers will ask this question even though they know that Digital Marketing has no relation to your qualification.

2. In Digital Marketing industry where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?

There are the Common Digital Marketing Interview questions that will be asked in many interviews.

By asking this question, the interviewer will decide whether it is worth paying for you or not. Please don’t discuss your personal passions. Instead of that express your professional goals which are useful for the company and show your interest in the job profile you have applied for.

3. What made you apply for this position in Digital Marketing?

By asking this question in the digital marketing questionnaire, the interviewer wants to know what actually made you apply for the job in terms of salary, job, company, designation etc.

If your answer is salary, please hide it and say some other reason. When you said that Salary made me join your company, there will be more chances to get a bad impression on you.

4. Which is essential; Engagement or Likes & Followers?

Again it’s a tricky question and also the most common question in digital marketing fresher interview questions.

Many people will think that Social Media is all about likes, shares and followers. But think, what will be the use of those likes and followers if they do not turn into sales??

Therefore we can say that Engagement is more important than likes and shares & followers.

5. What made you to choose Digital Marketing as a career option?

Through this question, the interviewer wants to know your commitment to the Digital Marketing industry. He wants to pick some unique qualities in you among the other candidates while answering this question.

Check Out More Top Digital Marketing Interview Q&A For Freshers

Top Digital Marketing Executive Interview Questions

Candidates who have certain years of experience in the Digital Marketing field will become Digital Marketing Executives. The interview level for these candidates will be difficult and harder.

Whenever candidates apply for Digital Marketing Executive posts in companies they also have to face interviews. As they are applying for higher-level posts, the interview questions will be more tricky and difficult.

The interviewer can ask from any topic regarding Digital Marketing. We cannot expect the questions from the interview board. So, we are giving Sample Digital Marketing job Interview Questions and Answers for Executives. Due to this you can have some idea and will prepare accordingly.

1. Define CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a way to maintain a company’s relationship with customers and clients. It refers to practices, strategies, technologies that companies use to maintain during the interaction with clients.

The interviewer will ask this question in digital marketing interview questions to know how far you maintained good relationships with your customers throughout your experience.

2. How should companies measure their Social Media Marketing Success?

The interviewer will ask this question in a digital marketing interview to check whether you prefer likes and followers or leads and engagement.

Remember candidates, you should always measure your Social Media Marketing success based on the leads but not likes and shares.

3. How to write a perfect Marketing Email?

By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know whether you can attract customers with your structured emails or not. Mention the following points if any interviewer asks this online marketing interview questions

  • Maintain Relevancy
  • Explain Brief
  • Keep it short
  • Talk about Benefits
  • Use actionable language in your call to action.

4. What one should do to avoid Penalty?

The interviewer will ask this question to know whether you are following all the rules and regulations of Digital Marketing properly or not.

Why because, if you avoid following the rules, your site may get banned and penalized. So, answer the following points to avoid the penalty.

  • Don’t copy content from other sites
  • Do not use poison words like “Link” while giving hyper links in the site.
  • Avoid stealing images from other domains.
  • Don’t link with other site which has a bad page rank.

Check Out For More Digital Strategy Interview Questions

Digital Marketing Interview Tips

We have shared some of the Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions. Even then some candidates will feel nervous at the time of interviews.

Such candidates need not worry. We are also sharing some of the Digital Marketing Interview Tips along with the digital marketing questionnaire. Go through all these tips before going to the interview and be confident.

  • Keep your resume and other Social Profiles updated.
  • Make use of whole information available to you.
  • Be a Social Bird.
  • Habituate writing own blogs on different topics.
  • Follow industry leaders and their blogs.
  • Explain everything very clearly whether it is wrong or right.
  • Always be Honest.

Through this blog, we want to inform you that Digital Aroma provides Digital Marketing Training in Vijayawada. We provide 45 days of training along with certification. Our well-experienced professors will teach the complete basics of Digital Marketing and provide job assistance.

Know more about Digital Marketing Course in Vijayawada


Finally, we want to conclude that, cracking Digital Marketing Interviews is not a tough task. All you need is some skills and basic knowledge of Digital Marketing. Hope these Digital Marketing Job Interview Questions and Answers are helpful to you.

Still, if you have any doubts about Digital Marketing Interview Questions, post your doubts in the below comment box. Or else you can also contact Digital Aroma to clear all your doubts. A free consultation is available with us.

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