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Published by   Digital Aroma   on January 20, 2022   has 0 comments

SEO Interview Questions and Answers – General | Algorithm | Tools


Hello Candidates, Are you preparing for SEO Interview? And searching for the best SEO Interview Questions and Answers Then you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will provide the Top SEO Interview Questions and Answers. For the sake of our readers, we have divided SEO Interview Questions and Answers into different categories. So, it will be easy for you to read those SEO Interview Questions and Answers.

Most of the questions in this blog are recognized as Frequently asked SEO Interview Questions and Answers.

Blog Contents:

  • Purpose of this Article
  • General SEO Interview Questions and Answers
  • On Page SEO Interview Questions and Answers
  • Link Building Questions and Answers
  • Interview Questions for SEO Analyst
  • Google Algorithm Update Questions and Answers
  • SEO Tools Questions and Answers
  • Final Conclusion

From the above contents, we can understand that information about SEO Interview Questions and Answers is enclosed in this blog is very clear and easy to understand. So, let’s get started.

Purpose of this Article:

To begin with, Search Engine Optimization has a special appearance in Digital Marketing Field. As a result, many candidates are choosing SEO as their career option and joining the SEO Courses.

Many internet searches are being done at the time of SEO Interviews. So, we want to share some SEO Interview Questions and Answers through our blog. In this article, we are sharing SEO Interview Questions and Answers.

This blog might be useful for some candidates who are passionate about Search Engine Optimization and those who really want to crack the SEO Interviews.

So, we are advising the candidates to follow the complete blog very thoroughly for those who are preparing for the SEO Interviews. Similarly, We have shared very valuable information after doing many searches and including our experience.

General SEO Interview Question and Answers

Search Engine Optimization Questions under this category are basic and very important questions that are useful for every fresher. In general, Interviewers ask these questions to test the basic knowledge that candidates have in SEO.

We can also say that the below questions are SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers. So, follow the below General SEO Interview Questions and Answers thoroughly.

1. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique of optimizing web pages or websites in such a way that they appear Top on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Usually to get a standard position for our website we need to implement both On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques.

2. What is Crawling?

The automated process of filtering web pages for proper indexing is known as Crawling or Web Crawling. Generally, Web crawlers go through web pages, look for relevant keywords, hyperlinks and content, and bring information back to the web servers for indexing.

3. Explain about Indexing?

Usually, the Indexing phase starts after the completion of the Crawling phase. Google uses crawling to collect pages relevant to the search queries and creates an index that includes specific words or search terms and their locations.

Our web pages or website will appear in the search engines only after indexing.

4. What is SERP?

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is the page displayed when a search has been made by the users. This page also includes paid results like advertisements.

5. What is Organic Result?

Organic Result in SEO refers to the web results obtained when a search query is entered by the user. In brief, These results are very natural and not any paid results.

6. Tell me about Paid Results?

Paid Results are the exact opposite of Organic Results. In general, Paid results are the results that are obtained by paying for advertisements.

So, Many website owners pay the search engines to display their website for certain keywords. Particularly, When users search those keywords, paid advertisements will be displayed.

7. What is “Google Suggest” or “Auto Complete”?

Google Suggest is a part of the auto-complete function of the Google search engine. When a user enters some search terms in the search field, Google Suggest will display many words related to the user search in the drop-down menu.

8. What is Long Tail Keyword?

Generally, The search terms which contains more than 4 words then we call it a Long Tail Keyword.

9. What are Heading Tags?

In SEO Heading Tag is used to separate the Heading, Sub Heading and remaining content of the blog.

Starting from h1 to h6 header tags bring coherence in content along with relevancy and keyword consistency in the search results displayed on SERPs.

10. Explain about Page Title?

Usually, Page Title is also known as Title Tag which describes the heading of the topic. The title tag will represent the entire blog concept and the remaining contents involved in the blog.

11. What is HTML Sitemap?

In general, HTML Site Map comprises of Single HTML page which contains the links to web pages of a specific website.

12. How can I see what pages are indexed in Google?

Generally, there are two ways to check whether web pages are indexed or not.

  • Google Webmaster Tools will show the index status of web page.
  • Another way to check indexed web pages is by typing on Google search bar site:domainname.com. It will show all the indexed web pages of particular domain.

13. What are 404 Errors?

When a specific URL is renamed or becomes non-existent, any links connecting to that URL would result in 404 errors. Google will not penalize any website for 404 errors.

14. What is Anchor Text?

Anchor Text refers to a visible hyperlinked text that can be clicked through. Such hyperlinked texts link to different documents or locations available on the web page or website.

Usually, Anchor texts can be of different types such as keyword-rich anchors, generic anchors, branded anchors, image anchors etc.

15. Explain about Image Alt Text?

The image alt text is referred to as Alternative text for the image which provides a textual alternative to the web crawlers to index the web page bearing the image. This is because Google Bots cannot process images on the web.

16. What is 301 Redirect?

In general, 301 Redirect is used when a website address is permanently changed. It will redirect all website users to the new web address.

In addition to this, 301redirect is considered as one of the most effective ways of performing redirects on any website.

17. What is Google PageRank?

PageRank (PR) is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank web pages in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages.

18. Explain about Domain Authority?

Domain authority is the key performance metric developed by Moz, which rates any website on a 1-100 scale. Domain Authority is considered to be the most influential SEO Factor.

19. What is Google My Business?

Generally, Google My Business is a free tool where every business, startup, Organization can use to provide their business info and show their presence on Google.

Including Search and Maps, you can help your customers to find out you easily and you can share your stories.

20. What is Keyword Density?

Generally, Keyword Density is nothing but maintaining the percentage of primary keywords depending on the number of words containing the web page.

Keyword density can be used as for determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

21. Explain some thing about White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO Techniques will implement to improve the website ranking by maintaining the integrity of the website and without violating the rules.

22. What is Black hat SEO?

In general, Black Hat SEO Techniques will implement to improve website ranking quickly by violating the rules and regulations.

Our website will be penalized if search engines detect Black hat SEO Activities on the website.

Hope all the above SEO Interview Questions for Freshers will be useful. Check out the below link for more questions and answers.

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On Page SEO Interview Questions

On Page Optimization is considered to be most important in Search Engine Optimization. We can represent our content more creatively with the help of On Page SEO.

SEO On Page comprises many elements where every candidate should learn before attending an Interview. So, we have enclosed some of the most important On Page SEO Interview Questions and Answers below.

1What is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO techniques are implemented to improve website ranking and place them in the Top of SERP by taking the measures within the website.

2. What is the Purpose of Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is to be done to find out the appropriate keywords suitable for our webpage by verifying the keyword volume and difficulty level.

3. Is Meta keywords tag important for SEO?

In general, Meta Keywords Tag is not used by any search engine for ranking purposes. In 2008, Google announced that this tag is used in their ranking factors, so many popular websites still use this.

So, it’s better to use this tag with relevant keywords.

4. What is important on On Page Techniques?

  • Page Titles & Meta Description
  • Internal Links & External Links
  • URL Structure
  • Images & Videos
  • Keyword Density
  • Body Tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6)
  • Social Sharing

5. What is the optimal length of the Title Tag?

50-60 Characters is the optimal length of the Title tag.

6. What is Meta Description, Is Meta description used for Ranking the page?

We can say that Meta Description is the summary for the entire blog. We can use 155 characters to describe Meta Description. Both Primary Keyword and Secondary Keywords can be used in Meta Description.

Many optimizers will Meta Description more creatively to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR)

7. How do you approach keyword research?

We can approach Keyword Research in the following methods

  • Keyword Tools
  • Google Suggestions
  • Collecting keywords from Competitor’s site
  • Thinking as a user

8. What Is Google Bot & its Functionality?

Googlebot is the search bot software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google Search engine.

Googlebot requests to Web servers are identifiable by a user-agent string containing “Googlebot” and a host address containing “googlebot.com”.

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Link Building Interview Question and Answers

In general, many optimizers will not care about Off Page SEO or link building. The reason is, some web pages will get positions and rankings in SERP even though Off Page is not done.

But those results will not long last. Yes!! So, we must learn Off Page SEO and Link Building Techniques. Here are the Top Off Page SEO Interview Questions and Answers.

1. What is Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO Techniques are the techniques implemented to improve the website ranking by taking measures from the outside of the website.

2. What is the use of link building in SEO?

Link Building will help our website to improve its ranking on the SERP and we will get links from other websites.  Sites with more backlinks will get a high ranking.

3. Can you explain certain rules which you follow in doing link building?

  • Quality of Backlink (PR, PA, DA must be good)
  • Relevancy of the content between 2 sites
  • Proper use of Anchor Text
  • Avoid site-wide links
  • Avoid links from low-quality sites

4. What is NoFollow Backlink?

Any link which has the attribute rel=”Nofollow” is called as No Follow backlink. Even though NoFollow backlinks do not pass any PR value, they are helpful for link diversity.

5. Can you give examples of NoFollow Backlinks?

All public websites like social media sites, business listing sites etc offer NoFollow backlinks. Example: Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia etc site offer these links.

6. What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links that help the users to link their web page to another web page. Backlinks are also called incoming links and play a major role in SEO.

7. What is a Do-Follow link?

Dofollow links allow Google all search engines to follow them and reach our website. Giving us link juice and a backlink. If a webmaster is linking back to you with this link both Search Engine and Humans will be able to follow you.

8 . Why are backlinks important in SEO?

Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

9. What is Internal Linking?

Internal Linking is a process of providing hyperlinks on the web pages of the same domain. It is another tactic of directing the visitors from one web page to another of the same website.

10. What are Incoming Links?

An incoming link (also known as a backlink or inbound link) is a link from another location on the Internet that when clicked the person arrives at your site.

Inbound links are other sites linking to your content or page. You can also call them inbound links, backlinks, or inbound referrals

11. Explain about Outgoing Link?

Outbound links are links that are meant to take you elsewhere. These are links that are going to direct you to another specific webpage or website altogether.

Some of the Google Algorithm Updates Question and Answers

Many companies will ask Google Algorithm Update Questions in SEO Interviews. The reason is, SEO Techniques will change according to the Google Algorithms.

So we need to stay updated all the time regarding Google Algorithm Updates. Following are the Some of the Google Algorithm Updates Questions and Answers.

These questions are also considered as SEO Interview Questions and Answers for 1 Year Experience.

1. What is the Algorithm Update, What is the best source to know updates?

Google makes changes to the search algorithm to improve the quality of results. Sometimes Google implements some minor tweaks and sometimes some major updates like Penguin, Panda, Humming Bird and Payday loan update etc.

2. What is Mobile Friendly Update and when was it launched?

The mobile-Friendly update was released on 21st April 2015. The major target of the update was to make the websites mobile-friendly. The site which didn’t follow the guidelines of Mobile SEO was affected by the update.

3. How many times does Google release the algorithms and updates visible to users?

Sources have revealed that Google will update the algorithms nearly 500 – 600 times per year. Both minor and major updates will be included. Only Major Updates which have a great effect on SERP will come to notice.

4. What is Panda Update?

Panda Update was released in Feb 2011. The major purpose of this update is to penalize the websites which contain low content, duplicate and thin content, especially for SEO.

In May 2014 Panda 4 was released which has hit many major brand sites like eBay, ask.com, biography.com and many other sites.

5. What is the Penguin Update?

Penguin Update was first released in April 2012. The main intention of this update was to detect Black Hat SEO Techniques and Optimization by violating search guidelines.

Later releases of Penguin updates have targeted the websites generating links from low-quality sources with keyword reach anchor text.

6. What is the Hummingbird update?

Hummingbird Update was released in August 2013 with the intent of understanding User Query and providing the best results.

For Example, the Keyword is “Which is the Best School in Vijayawada?” Now Hummingbird Update will provide the results by considering “Best School in Vijayawada” by ignoring “Which is”

7. What is EMD Update?

EMD Update was released by Google in September 2012 to target low-quality websites which used exact match domain name sites. The major sites which hit with the update the long tail domain Sites like www.buy-best-laptops-online.com were hit with the update.

Even some good sites were hit with this update. Example www.pooltables.com has lost the 1st position after EMD Update.

8. What is Pirate 2.0 Update?

Pirate 2.0 Update was released to target the websites which provide pirated material like pirated movies etc. Many torrent sites were hit by this update.

9. What is RainBrain Algorithm?

Rank Brain is artificial intelligence (AI) software program used to help process search queries. Google announced this update in October 2015. RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to process large amounts of data and convert the data in a format that can be interpreted by Google Machine learning systems.

10. What is Penguin 4 Update?

Google has made Penguin 4 Update in October 2015. RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to process large amounts of data and convert the data in a format that can be interpreted by Google Machine learning systems.

11. What is Google Algorithm?

Google algorithm is a set of commands written for the purpose of feeding back with search results relevant to the queries made.

Google’s algorithm does the work for you by searching out Web pages that contain the keywords you used to search, then assigning a rank to each page based on several factors, including how many times the keywords appear on the page, quality of the page etc.

Google uses numerous other criteria that change periodically to deliver more relevant results.

12. What is Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon was named by Webmasters and Web-Developers for the Google Algorithm’s Update of April 21, 2015. The main purpose of this Update was to give priority to Mobile-Friendly Websites.

Individual Web Pages can also be tested for Mobile-Friendliness by using the Mobile-Friendly Test tool by Google.

13. What is Google Hummingbird?

Google started using Google Hummingbird on August 30, 2013. It was designed to embody the special characteristics of speed and precision.

The main advantage of Google Hummingbird is that Google can able to refresh the search engines along with their indexes.

14. What is Google Penalty?

Google will penalize the websites if detect Black Hat SEO Techniques in it. It can be an unfortunate malfunction of an algorithm update or an intentional penalization for various black-hat SEO techniques.

15. What are Google Sitelinks?

Google Sitelinks are sub-links of the same domain displayed under the First listing of search results.

This will help the website users to get easy navigation for all web pages available in that particular domain.

Interview Questions for SEO Tools

While performing SEO, we need many tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc. With the help of these tools, we can perform Search Engine Optimization more effectively.

Due to this reason, every interviewee must be aware of Google Tools and their purpose and how can we use them more effectively. Here are some of the Top SEO Interview Questions and Answers.

The questions under this part will be considered as SEO Tools Interview Questions and Answers for 2 Year Experience.

1. Name a Few Popular SEO Tools

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Buzzsumo
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Moz
  • SEMRush
  • Check My Links

2. What is Google Webmaster Tools/Google Search Console?

Google Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster Tool is an SEO Tool used to manage our site properties and functionality, settings on Google Search Engine.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is the most useful SEO Tool which helps us to track our website like

  • Website Errors
  • Page Errors
  • Broken Links
  • Page Views
  • Page Clicks
  • Number of backlinks etc.

3. Which Webmaster Tools Do You Use and Why?

I use Google Webmaster Tools. Because Google Webmaster Tools is a sweet suite of Google SEO tools that provides data and configuration control for your site in Google.

4. Which are the best tools to do keyword research?

  • Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest

5. What Data can you get from Ahrefs?

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Status
  • Backlinks of our website
  • Backlinks of our competitor’s Website
  • Competitor’s Website Status

6. What Data can you get from SEMrush?

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor’s Keyword Strategy
  • SEO Audit report
  • Backlinks Opportunities

7. Which data can you get using Google Analytics?

  • Free Web Analytics
  • Number of Visitors of your site
  • Time On Page
  • Bounce Rate
  • Monthly Traffic report
  • Current Visitors of your website
  • ROI of your Online Marketing

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SEO Analyst Interview Questions

Interview Questions for SEO Analysts will be tougher than beginner Level SEO Questions. So, candidates applying for SEO Analyst and SEO Specialist positions would have more knowledge than beginners. Questions under this section will be considered as SEO Interview Questions and Answers for 3 Year Experience.

Here are some of the SEO Analyst Interview Questions and Answers. Go through them carefully.

1. What training do you have as an SEO analyst or specialist?

The answer to this question will depend on every individual and the type of training they had in previous.

But we can say one thing is that you should not answer beginner level SEO answers for this question.

2. What kind of analytics do you perform and what do you look for?

For this question, you need to answer the best SEO tools used for Analytics reports. And also the way you use those metrics to measure results and plan to make changes.

3. Which SEO analytics don’t get enough attention, in your opinion?

This question is tricky and you need to answer on your own experience. Because every individual will use different tools of their choice and makes opinions of their choice.

4. What is keyword stemming and why does it matter?

Keyword stemming is adding to the stem of a word. For example, if the word interview was your stem, variations could be interviewing, interviewer, interviews.

Using keyword stemming helps you to use more relevant keywords on a webpage without keyword stuffing or ending up with content that reads poorly.

5. How have you dealt with link penalties?

When you faced this question, clearly make sure that you have not dealt with any Google Penalties. And also explain the ways you have chosen to overcome the penalty.

6. What is Google’s preferred method of configuring a mobile site?

Google prefers that mobile websites are configured using responsive web design.

7. What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are the featured text that appears at the top of the organic search results, in a box and sometimes with an image.

Rich snippets are not part of SEO, but if used, they can deliver better results on the SERPs.

8. Why do you need to know about backlinks to competitors’ websites?

In order to do better Competitive Analysis and find out if anything is missing.

Hope all this SEO Interview Q&A is useful to you. Share this blog with your friends who are preparing for the SEO Interviews.

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Final Conclusion

The main intention of this blog is to help the candidates who are attending the Search Engine Optimization Interviews. Based on our experience, we have covered almost SEO Interview Questions and Answers in this blog.

Still, if you have doubts about SEO Interview Questions and Answers, you can post them in below comment box. Or else you can consult Digital Aroma to get details about SEO Training in Vijayawada.

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