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Published by   Digital Aroma   on January 20, 2022   has 0 comments

5 Reasons You Should Use Google Adwords | PPC Agency in Vijayawada


This blog contains the basic important information about Google AdWords for business purposes. So, candidates who are actually interested to know about Google AdWords can go through this blog.

Along with that, you will also come to know the importance of PPC Services for your business.

The contents of the blog are

  1. Introduction
  • What is Google AdWords?
  • Why Google AdWords?
  • When Google AdWords are used?
  • Where Google AdWords are used?
  • How Google Adwords Useful for Business?
  1. 5 Reasons You Should Use Google Adwords
  2. Latest Updates on Google AdWords
  3. Conclusion

All the above-mentioned contents about Google AdWords will be explained in the terms of business and how they are useful for business growth. Follow the below paragraphs of this article to get a detailed description of the above contents.

Before starting the blog, we want to inform you that, we are well experienced PPC Agency in Vijayawada. So, you can consult us freely if you have any doubts about PPC Advertising. Now, let us continue to the blog.


The introduction part of AdWords will cover the basic information and brings a clear idea about Google AdWords. This information is very useful for Beginners and small scale industries that have started business locally in their cities.

While researching for this blog, we came to know that many PPC Experts are providing online PPC Services. So, you can make use of them.

What are Google AdWords?

AdWords is an advertising interface provided by Google which allows the advertisers or business holders to bid on certain keywords so that people will notice their ads and click them whenever they are searching in Google SERP and other Partnering Websites. These advertisers or business holders need to pay for those clicks and impressions.

Many business people will make use of the  PPC  in order to advertise their products or services instantly.

Why Google AdWords?
  • Google AdWords campaign is usually consists of enough ad groups. These ad groups will serve many keywords based on the input given by the user. Generally, Google AdWords Interface keyword planner tool will display the volume of each keyword related to your topic and help you to choose the appropriate keyword that ranks faster.
  • Currently, there are millions of users for Google AdWords from small business holders to large multi-national companies that benefited double sales per annum.
  • If you want to become PPC Expert, initially you must make use of the Google AdWords advertising platform.

When Google AdWords Used?

  • At a particular time When you want Targeted Audience.
  • When you want to stand top among your competitors.
  • At the time you want more clicks for your products
  • When you want to promote your business
  • When you want to reach the new customers for Brand Awareness.

Where Google AdWords Used?

Google Adwords is an advertising platform; all digital marketing experts will use Google AdWords Interface. User should log in with a Google account in any kind of system. For Google Adwords, there was a mobile app for mobile users who can easily create their ads.

How Google Adwords Useful for Business?

Google AdWords are useful in the following ways:

  • AdWords works faster than SEO
  • Reach More Customers
  • Connect with the website visitors
  • Explore your business more through your Ads
  • Tackle your competition better
  • You only pay for Results

5 Reasons You Should Use Google Adwords

These 5 reasons will explain to you clearly the importance of Google AdWords for your Business

  1. Businesses Get a High Return on Investment

By Providing the offers/promotional codes/coupons people will attract to the first ad when they type their query on a Search Engine. It shows more traffic compared to the organic ad and can easily get sales from targeted audiences.

You always need to keep a keen observation of competitors’ ads to achieve better results. Google AdWords will give transparent results and information.

2. Increase Brand Awareness:

Google AdWords is an efficient way to promote your business and tell people about your brand. PPC Advertising Companies will help us to promote our brand through ads. In addition to this, it will also help in boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions.

  1. Google AdWords is Measurable and Flexible

We can say that AdWords are flexible due to the following reasons. AdWords will allow you to

  1. Find Specific Keyword for your ad
    • Ad Extensions
    • Discover your audience by their time, location, device etc.
    • Establish brand awarenessGoogle AdWords resource is recognized as a best measurable resource among the other resources. Why Because, Google AdWords will help you to measure what is working and what not is working. With this clear idea, you can fix the errors.
  1. Google AdWords Increases Leads and Customers

Google AdWords is said to be the perfect tool to increase leads and customers to our website. If we set our campaign properly, it will send huge targeted leads to our website.

In addition to this, Google AdWords will help you to focus on people who are searching for what you have to offer. It may be either products or services. On this basis, people who want to buy your services or products are sent to your website through PPC Services.

  1. Helps Beat Your Competitors

No doubt that AdWords will almost help you to stand first among your competitors. But searches have revealed that most of the PPC Experts are using Google Adwords Interface to promote their brands and products.

In this case, we came to know that there are many PPC agencies that are using the Google AdWords interface for their business. In this situation, the only way to overcome your competitors is to join them.

Latest Updates on Google AdWords / Google Ads


Following are the Latest Updates on Google AdWords that all PPC Experts and PPC Advertising Companies should follow to keep updated themselves.

1. AdWords Has a New UI (User Interface)
  • Google has mentioned that this is one of the powerful challenges they have made.
  • The new Google AdWords User Interface is sleek.
  • Another thing is that, users need not bother about new UI and old UI.
  • The new Google AdWords UI experience will not available until December.
2. Life Events Targeting Comes to Youtube and Gmail Ads

AdWords’ life events help you target users in the months before or after major life events such as Graduation Marriage Moving For this to really work, however, searchers must be signed in to Google. Ultimately, life events are powered by search histories. Google wants to help advertisers reach people at key moments when they’re making purchase decisions. How does it work? Google highlighted Sonos, which saw great results from life events targeting: 50 percent lift in ad recall 35 per cent lift in purchase intent 5x lift in people searching for Sonos on Google

3. In Market Audiences Come to Search

  • In Market Audience will help advertisers to find prospects who are nearing the end of the buying products or services.
  • The latest update on this was, Now Google is able to identify these hyper-valuable subsets of target demo on the search network.

4. Location Extensions for Youtube Ads Good

A totally disinterested stranger finds and watches your video on YouTube.

  • Better: A prospect sees your video on YouTube.
  • Best: A prospect sees your video, notices the new location extensions beneath it, and then heads to your brick-and-mortar joint to buy bespoke shoelaces or chewing gum that never loses its flavour.

5. Google Surveys 360 Surveys 360 allow users to

  • Create a Survey
  • Find a specific audience sample across the web
  • Generate results quickly

The whole process is done to collect feedback from the customers. With the help of customers’ feedback, directly you will come to know what is working and what is not!

6. AMP Ads and Landing Pages for Search & Display

  • We can say that AMP Landing Pages are Google’s Latest answer to improving page speed.
  • In addition to this, Google has also unveiled Display ads for AMP pages.
  • These ads will load up to 5 seconds faster than regular one.

7. Google Optimize

The Landing Page Solution We’ve Been Waiting For? Google Optimize will now integrate with AdWords, giving advertisers more agility in the often clunky, belaboured world of landing page testing. Per Google: “With the Optimize and AdWords integration, you can quickly and easily create new versions of your landing pages and then apply them to any combination of AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and keywords – no coding or webmaster required.”

8. Hello, Google Attribution

Google Attribution Another new product! Google Attribution will allow you to view the true impact of your digital marketing efforts from 10,000 feet. For free.

9. New Landing Page Report

  • Google has baked a nuanced, upgraded version of the Page Speed tool right into the new AdWords UI.
  • Outside of providing suggestions for optimizing the load time for a specific page, this new Landing Page Report will allow you to review a site-wide usability report and ask experts questions.

10. Google Assistant Makes Buying Easy

  • Google has made a fantastic feature that you can purchase anything directly from your phone.
  • Because will afford prospects much faster checkout times.
  • This whole credit belongs to the way Google Assistant is being integrated.

Click Here to know complete details about Latest Updates on PPC


Finally, we want to conclude that,  Google Ads interface is very useful to the PPC Experts. So, advertisers need to go through these kinds of blogs on Google AdWords regularly to collect the latest information. Candidates who want PPC Services in Vijayawada and other Digital Marketing Services in Vijayawada can contact us. A free consultation is available to know about PPC Advertising in Vijayawada. You can also post your doubts in the below comment box.

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