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Published by   Digital Aroma   on September 5, 2022   has 0 comments

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools | Online Tools | Marketing Tools

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools Online Tools Marketing Tools

Are you a digital marketer and looking for free digital marketing tools? Then you are at the right place. In this blog we have added the best, very useful free online marketing tools. 

In general, digital marketers will spend a lot of time on a number of activities. Right from the project starting to ending, the entire team has to take care of many things. Then how about having free helpful tools? 

Yes, we have the best tools that are very helpful for the online marketers. Moreover all these tools are available for free. So, marketers, this is the best opportunity to save your time and energy. Check out the below tools and start using them immediately. 

1. Keyword.io For Keyword Research 

Keyword research is the most important part of both SEO & PPC. In general, most of the SEO professionals use Google Keyword Planner. But, keyword.io is a unique tool that provides us data from multiple sources. 

So this is one of the free digital marketing tools that every marketer should use. 

2. Mail chimp For Email Marketing 

Email marketing plays a key role in succeeding the businesses. It is the best way to communicate and convert the audience for the brands. 

With the help of the Mail chimp tool, candidates can easily learn various email marketing strategies and techniques. Therefore it is a very helpful tool for the email marketers. 

3. Screaming Frog For SEO 

Screaming Frog is the best tool for SEO which is useful for website analysis. This is a most useful SEO Audit tool which can provide information about broken links, titles, meta, analyze duplicate content etc.

Along with that, Screaming Frog tool is helpful in generating sitemaps & reviewing robots.txt files. So make sure to use the tool for best SEO analysis. 

4. Manage Social Media Posts With Buffer 

Buffer is a powerful social media tool. Candidates can streamline social media posts with Buffer. It will definitely help you in audience engagement; increase in followers and brand establishment. 

BufferApp is a must use free tool for managing multiple social media pages from a single platform.

5. Canva For Designing 

Canva is an amazing tool for creating the professional designs that are needed for featured images, social media posts. We can use free inbuilt themes, templates, fonts, and a lot more to create a design. 

Canva has become the best designing tool so far as it is very easy and simple to use. Candidates who don’t have any knowledge in designing can also use this tool. 

6. Organize With Evernote 

Marketers can get creative ideas at any time. They need a simple tool to note them or to save the idea. Evernote is one such tool that helps you organize your ideas and thoughts and help you access them at any time. 

You can access Evernote at any time from laptop, desktop, phone, etc. This tool is very useful especially for content marketers. 

7. Create logo with ‘Spaces’ free logo maker’

Logo is an important element for every business. So, logos should be designed very innovatively to attract the audience. Designers use a number of tools to design logos. 

Now, no need to waste time on logo designing, as this work can be handled efficiently by ‘Spaces’ free logo maker’ tool. Create stunning logos from this tool which comprise plenty of icons and frames. 

8. Google Analytics 

This is the best & free digital marketing tool offered by Google to check website analytics. Through this tool we can check complete website performance like impressions, clicks, bounce rate, etc. 

Marketers should use this tool for sure to check website analysis. Based on this analytics we can design better strategies for website growth. 

9. Google My Business 

This is one of the best tools offered by Google to list the businesses. This tool helps businesses to get listed on Google. 

We can add business address, timings, contact number, website link, location, photos, videos, etc. Audiences can easily reach our business by listing it in this tool. 

10. Google Data Studio 

Creating work reports to submit for the clients is very important. We need not waste our time in creating reports. Google offered a free tool called “Google Data Studio” exclusively for creating and downloading reports. 

In this tool, we will have different kinds of templates, just importing data is enough to create the report. Both free and paid templates are available. 

I hope these 10 free digital marketing tools are very helpful for you. Click on the below link to know more information. 

Know More About Free Online Marketing Tools 

Final Conclusion 

In the end, we want to conclude that tools play a key role in saving time and energy. Marketers should be aware of choosing the best & free tools to get work done in a more effective way. 

If you know more useful free digital marketing tools, comment them in the comment box below. Consult Digital Aroma for more information on Digital Marketing Training, counseling, classes, etc. 

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