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Digital Marketing Certificates is the very important concept for candidates those who wants to make their career in this field. So we want to share some important Digital Marketing Certifications through this article. In general, Every field contains huge certifications to complete. But out of them only few will have special importance. Likewise Digital Marketing also contains some important certifications where every candidate needs to complete. Let us know about them in detail in the below sections of this article.

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  • What are Digital Marketing Certificates?
  • Why Digital Marketing Certifications has to be done?
  • Eye Catching Digital Marketing Certificates
  • Benefits of doing Digital Marketing Certifications
  • Final Conclusion

Above all are the blog contents you can find in this blog. Don’t skip any part to understand concept and benefits of Digital Marketing Certificates. Let’s get started.

What are Digital Marketing Certificates?

Like all other certificates C++, Java, Digital Marketing also contains some certifications where course will be provided from the trainers. Usually, Test will be conducted after course completion and certificates will be provided.

By doing these certifications we can gain more knowledge on the subject. Moreover Digital Marketing Certificates will add value to our resumes and impress the interviewer and co employees.

Why Digital Marketing Certifications has to be done?

Generally, many candidates will think that certificates will help in getting better jobs and higher salaries. But the fact is that, certifications will show our dedication and continuous learning to improve ourselves.

In addition to that, Digital Marketing Certificates will tell your employer the actual interest you have on this particular field. However, Not all certificates will attract your interviewer. Few Digital Marketing Certificates will create special impression on the candidates. Let us discuss them in the below section.

Eye Catching Digital Marketing Certificates

To keep up to date with Digital Marketing, doing some certifications is very important. Moreover, the certifications we are going to mention in this section are Eye Catching Digital Marketing Certificates which helps you a lot.

So, let us know in detail about these Digital Marketing Certifications in detail.

1. Google AdWords Certification

Digital Advertising has become trending in every business. At present all websites contains banner ads which is possible with Google AdWords.

Digital Ad spending is kept on increasing. Almost 70% of the people are clicking on Google Ad when they are displayed on various websites.

In fact, businesses generally make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google AdWords.

The Google AdWords Certification is professional certificate which states our knowledge.

How to become Google AdWords Certified

Usully, you need to pass 2 exams to become Google AdWords Certified. These exams include the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one of the following exams: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, or Shopping Advertising.

Observe the below image to get clear idea about Google AdWords exam.

You can  study their learning materials and take exams from them. If you do not pass exam in one 1st try, you can retry exam in next 7 seven days.

2. Google Analytics Certification

In general, Google Analytics is one of the most Popular Tools useful for measuring website traffic. It is easy to use for beginners and powerful for more advanced users. As it is a free tool, most of the marketers are using to measure their website analytics. Moreover, becoming expert in Google Analytics will help you to gain more knowledge in Digital Marketing.

How to become Google Analytics Certified?

In order to become Google Analytics Certificate review the study materials and take the exam for free. If you are unable to complete the exam on first attempt, retry the exam in next 7 days.

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3. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Usually, Content plays key role in today’s Digital world. Learning Content Marketing will helpful for your career and the organization for which you work. At present, Content Marketing is the core pillar of effective digital marketing strategy. So, all marketers should posses writing skills to execute proper Content Marketing Strategy for their organization. Here, HubSpot Content Marketing Certificate is one of the amazing certificates which add more value to your resume. It is a three and half hour course which covers various the different aspects of content marketing strategy.

What Does HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification Course Cover?
  • Storytelling,
  • Content ideation,
  • Content creation framework,
  • Analyzation
  • Content promotion
  • Content repurposing

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4. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

In the above section we have discussed about HubSpot Content Marketing Certificate. HubSpot academy will offer various types of free courses and certifications.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification is one among them. This course will help you better understand inbound marketing practices and become better Digital Marketer.

What Does HubSpot’s Inbound Certification Course Cover?

This four and a half course contains 11 classes that cover the fundamentals of inbound marketing or “pull marketing” to attract potential customers to your website.

Also discusses

  • How to attract visitors,
  • Convert leads,
  • Gain customers and
  • Delight them into becoming promoters.

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5. Content Marketing Institute Online Certification

CMI (Content Marketing Institute) is one of the popular and most respectful sources for Content Marketers. This website offers online training and certifications.

What Does Content Marketing Institute Certification Course Cover?

CMI Online Training program includes classes from experts for the 7 topics/tracks and you can work at your own pace. They continually updated curriculum covers a wide spectrum of content marketing topics including Planning, Audience, Story, Channels, Process, Conversation, and Measurement.

You can take the 7 courses in any order. Once you have studied the training materials and pass the exam, you will be certified. CMI Certification never expires.

Only thing is, you don’t need to maintain your yearly subscription unless you want to continue learning. And it is not a Free course.

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6. Facebook Ad Certification

As we discussed above, Facebook Advertising is one of the effective ways to promote our business or organization. It will help us to reach targeted audience and build brand awareness.

Facebook’s Blueprint Certification recognizes advanced-level proficiency with Facebook’s products and services. So, to set yourself apart in the world of digital marketing, you can become a Facebook certified professional.

What Does the Facebook Ad Certification Course Cover?

This program offers two certifications:

Facebook Certified Planning Professional

This credential is awarded to professionals who are proficient in

  • Planning successful Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Demonstrate advanced-level competency in managing Facebook Pages
  • Targeting audiences for maximum impact
  • Utilizing Audience Insights
  • Understanding Facebook’s measurement solutions

Facebook Certified Buying Professional

This credential is awarded to professionals who are proficient in

  • Creating and buying Facebook advertising for maximum campaign impact
  • Demonstrating advanced-level competency in managing Facebook Pages
  • Managing, creating and purchasing Facebook ads
  • Improving performance and delivery via the ad auction
  • meeting and reporting ad key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Understanding and testing the Facebook Pixel and software development kit (SDK)
  • Utilizing consumer insights and the product catalog and troubleshooting ad issues.

These two certificates are important for the candidates who choose for Facebook Advertising. Each certification has two exams and valid for 1 year. And Facebook charges $150 for Each exam.

Know more about Facebook Ad Certification

7. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification

As a popular Social Media Platform, Hootsuite offers a variety of Social media marketing training. It ranges from introduction courses to advanced courses. You can built a leading career and achieve your dream job with the help of Hootsuite academy. Candidates can excel in their current job role through this academy.

What Does Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification Course Cover?

There are three different types of social media certifications:

  • Social Marketing Certification: $199
  • Advanced Social Advertising Courseware and Certification: $249
  • Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification: $999

The course is comprised of 15 lessons and assessments. It tests your knowledge of concepts of social media marketing. You need to pass 60 Question Online Exam. And the certificate never expires.

Know more about Hootsuite SMM Certification

Hope these certifications info is helpful to you. There are many other Digital Marketing Certificates are available online. But above mentioned are the best for career. Click on the below link for more Digital Marketing Certifications.

More Online Marketing Certifications

Benefits of doing Digital Marketing Certifications

Outstanding benefits are there for Digital Marketing Certificates. Below are the top benefits.

  • Interviewers will discover professional in you.
  • More career opportunities
  • Digital Marketing field is booming up
  • Good future scope for career
  • Digital Marketing Certifications are Flexible to do
  • Most of the certifications are free of cost
  • Online Marketing Certifications will add more value to your resume.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion we are saying that, Digital Marketing Certificates have chance to make your careers much better. And all you can do this in your flexible time with free of cost. So don’t miss the opportunities.

Still if you have doubts about Digital Marketing Certifications post them in the below comment box. Or else consult Digital Aroma the best Digital Marketing Training Institute. Free consultation is available.

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