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Looking an easier way to double your traffic? If yes, here is the solution. Follow the below article completely to know the latest On Page SEO Techniques.


First of all, let us know some history about On Page SEO Optimization Techniques. After that, you will find some other details like Benefits, about On Page Optimization Updates 2018 etc.

Introduction & History:

In the past, SEO On Page Activities were the only way to perform any kind of SEO. Repeating keywords enough times throughout your WebPages and Meta tags is the smarter way of getting good rank.

Since the first Panda update that was launched back on February 23, 2011 On Page SEO has become an even bigger ranking factor. There have been twenty four known Panda updates or versions that have aroused. The purpose according to Google is same for each update i.e., “to give the users most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible.”

Check here the complete history of On page Optimization

On Page SEO Techniques Best Practices

Every SEO Optimizer would know about the minimum On Page SEO Optimization Techniques to generate the traffic for their posts. Despite of this, we are going to introduce a 7 new SEO On Page Optimization Techniques that every optimizer needs to learn.

First of all we would like to mention some basic On Page SEO Techniques for the beginners

  • Page Titles & Meta Description
  • Internal Links & External Links
  • URL Structure
  • Images & Videos
  • Keyword Density
  • Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5)

Beginners, those who don’t know about these SEO On Page Techniques 2018 need not worry.  Click here to know the detailed description about the above mentioned techniques.

7 New SEO On Page Optimization Techniques

At present, almost all Software Companies in Vijayawada are including Digital Marketing platform. Due to this, you need to be more updated regarding SEO On Page Optimization.

Make sure that, you implement all the below mentioned On Page Optimization Techniques in your post to generate a better traffic.

1. Maintain the Reading Level

The first and foremost goal of every content writer should have is to provide understandable content. We know that every Google user is not a highly educated person.

All I want to say that, you post should contain less percent of ‘Flesch Reading Ease Test’ sentences. So that, every age group of people will understand your content. This leads to a better traffic generation.

2. Site Speed

Make sure that, your site is working super fast. We all know that users will not wait more than few numbers of seconds to load their pages. In order to load your pages faster remove the unwanted content in your post. This is one of the simple techniques of OnPage Optimization.

3. Use Images and Videos

Every Search Engine Optimizer must use the images and videos in their content. Because, humans will easily understand anything by watching images and videos.

Using Info Graphics (Display the exact message through single image) in your content is also a great way of On Page SEO Techniques.

4. Google Voice Search

Public has changed their way of searching. Now a days people use to simply ask their queries in Google Voice Search. By doing this operation they are getting answers very easily. Due to this reason, search engine optimizers need to update themselves by switching to Google Voice Search.

Click here to know the On Page Optimization for Google Voice Search

5. Post in Yahoo! & Bing

Latest technique of SEO On Page Optimization is publishing our articles in Yahoo! & Bing. We use to publish our posts in Google. But, the latest researches have declared that publish the posts in Yahoo! & Bing will leads to get more traffic.

6. Switch to ‘https’

Many content writers will use the http protocol while publishing their articles. Here is a new technique to increase the site traffic. Switch to the https protocol from http. It was also a well known latest SEO On Page Optimization technique.

7. Use keywords in comments

Gaining the traffic by using comments is also the important technique of On Page SEO Techniques. Because, Google bots will consider comments along with the post. Some of the users will leave the long comments. Writers can make use of those comments. Whenever writers find big comments insert the one or two keywords in that comment.

Don’t stuff the keywords. The comment should look natural even after adding the keywords. In this way, writers can generate more traffic even by using comments for their posts.

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Benefits of OnPage Optimization

Have you ever get a thought of “why do we need SEO OnPage Optimization?” (Or) “What are the uses of SEO On Page Activities?” We are going to clear all such doubts in this article.

The below points will make you to understand the actual benefits of SEO On Page Techniques 2018.

  1. Adding Value

One of the most useful benefits of SEO On Page Optimization is adding value to your page. On Page SEO will add a permanent ever green value to your page until you update it.

  1. Accessibility

Accessing your page directly from the website will bring less number of visitors. Unlike that, if your page appears on the top position of Google searches users will show interest to click your page. Getting top ranking in Google is only possible with OnPage Optimization.

  1. Inexpensive

On Page SEO Optimization is one of the most inexpensive techniques when compared with other techniques like PPC. By adding some keywords and simple strategies, SEO On Page Techniques 2018 will bring more traffic to your page.

  1. Increased Traffic

SEO On Page Activities will allow your pages to get top positions in the search engines. Due to this, the visitors list will increase gradually. If the number of visitors increases, the site traffic will be generated automatically. Along with that, your website will also become much more profitable.

  1. Faster Page Speed

Don’t think it is an indirect topic, you can understand it very easily. If all your web pages are getting more traffic, then search engine will decide to provide you good enough server management to maintain the increased flow of people.

As a result, search engines will come in to contact with you and give you the access to have a greater speed. This will make the users to choose your web pages than others.

Despite of these, the On Page SEO has some common benefits where we should not ignore. They are

  • Time Saving
  • Local Results
  • Uniqueness
  • Increases overall marketing
  • Powerful Marketing
  • More Organic Traffic Resources

All content optimizers should consider the above mentioned benefits as most important benefits of OnPage Optimization.

On Page Optimization Updates 2018

On Page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.

SEO Experts in Vijayawada has stated that, all blog writers and optimizers need to keep themselves updated with the latest updates of SEO On Page Techniques 2018.

Here are some non technical tricks that you should keep in your mind before starting a post. They are

  • Create a good content
  • Make Sure that your website is responsive
  • Lessen the broken links
  • Ensure that users spent more time on your posts. If they go back in very less time it proves that your post is of low quality.

Here is good news for the candidates who want to get the more traffic for their posts. Today, we are going to give some detailed description about of the most important technique i.e. OnPage Optimization. Almost all SEO Optimizers would know about SEO On Page Activities. In this blog, you will come to know about some of the updates regarding On Page Optimization. Through these good On Page SEO Techniques, users will spend large time than usual on your posts.

Latest Updates of SEO On Page Optimization

  • Start Title Tag with the Keyword
  • Responsive Design
  • Boost Site Speed
  • Use Social Sharing Buttons
  • Post Long Content (18,90 Word Count)

Writers should remember that, Google will consider many other factors along with the optimization. In the below sections of this article, we have given the clear description about those factors which gives better ranking for your posts.

  1. Use the Fresh Content

We are advising the writers to use the fresh content while writing the posts. Because content freshness will affect the site’s ranking. The latest update was that Google prefers the fresh content. This is one of the simple SEO On Page Techniques 2018.

  1. Information Update

Candidates need to update both the content and keywords regularly on their posts. It lasts the freshness of the page which leads to more traffic. Share the useful tips with your targeted audience if you have a chance of updating your content every day. Otherwise, make sure that you update the fresh content at least 2times per a week.

  1. Use Content Writing Tools

One way to write the best content is using some of the content writing tools. When you have a no idea about what to write, by giving some nouns you will get the different topics to write through these content writing tools.


Finally, we want to conclude that, SEO On Page Techniques 2018 are the best techniques in Digital Marketing. You should have some patience to get a better traffic through On Page SEO Techniques. Because OnPage Optimization process will not bring the results overnight.

Hope this article is helpful to you. Readers who have any doubts regarding On Page Optimization & Digital Marketing, can post your queries in the below comment section. Or else you can also mail us.

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