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Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most competitive platforms for all the optimizers. Every blogger want a top rank for their website in SERPs.

In the race of competition, bloggers are becoming hackers by implementing Black Hat SEO Techniques for their websites.

So, in this article we are going to introduce the Black Hat SEO, Impacts, Practices of Black Hat Tactics, and Latest Updates on BlackHat SEO, Advantages & Disadvantages, Black Hat Tactics Examples and Resources.


What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is a technique or practice which is used to page rank or site rank without obeying the search engine guidelines. BlackHat SEO focuses only on search engines and not on a human audience.

Why Black Hat Tactics are implemented?

These are some reasons why bloggers will use Black Hat SEO Techniques.

  • Instant Growth
  • Quick Results
  • Branding Purpose
  • To Over Come Competitor
  • High Ranking in SERP

In order to achieve these activities, hackers use BlackHat SEO Techniques in their pages or blogs.

Where is BackHat SEO Implemented?

In general, we should not implement Black Hat SEO anywhere. Because, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo will not support Black Hat Tactics.

In case BlackHat SEO Practice is detected in your blog or page or website, then Google will penalize your website. Black Hat SEO is not user friendly.

Impacts of Black Hat SEO Techniques

Hackers will implement the Black Hat SEO Techniques in SEO Marketing to rank their keywords in search results page. In this process the hackers are not realizing the actual effects or impacts of the BlackHat SEO.

For this purpose we are going to mention some impacts of Black Hat SEO in this section. Once go through them before implementing the Black Hat Tactics.


  • BlackHat SEO directly affects the user’s browsing experience.
  • If Black Hat Tactics is detected then your website will be penalized by Search Engine!
  • Results obtained by BlackHat SEO are not long lasting
  • Methods followed in Black Hat SEO is not supported by Google
  • Black Hat SEO Techniques will Reduce the Site Rankings
  • Sometimes Google will ban the whole site if it detects BlackHat SEO activities in your page.
  • Black Hat SEO Techniques are friendly only for search engine crawlers (bots and spiders) but not for the human audience.

Due to these impacts optimizers will not include Black Hat in SEO Marketing.

Latest Updates of Black Hat SEO 2018

For the sake of readers, we would like to introduce some of the latest Black Hat SEO Techniques 2018. So, bloggers observe them and be aware of the Black Hat in SEO Marketing.

1. Unrelated Keywords

Using the unrelated keywords or using the keywords related to another post or another blog is referred to be one of the Black Hat Tactics.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Bloggers use to stuff lots of keywords in their content to get a better rank for their page. We could observe some of the bloggers will repeat only the primary keyword all over the content.

This kind of keyword stuffing more than the limit was also considered to be one of the Black Hat SEO Techniques 2018.

Checkout what Google Says!

3.Tiny Text or Hidden Text & Hidden Links

Hidden Text or Tiny Text is a technique where adding a couple of paragraphs in the content with the same background colour.

Only search engines can see this hidden text but not human readers. Even the Hidden Links follow the same technique.

Checkout what Google Says!


Cloaking is considered a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines where site owner will serve a different page to search engine in which the same page will available differently for the human reader.

Checkout what Matt Cutts Says in this Video!

5.Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages

Doorway pages are created to get high ranking in the website. Doorway Page is a web page or keyword stuffed page, which becomes an unrelated page few minutes later.

The Doorway Pages are also known as

  • Bridge Page
  • Portal Page
  • Jump Page
  • Gateway Page
  • Entry Page

Checkout what Google Says!

6.Bait-and-Switch or Page Swapping

Page Swapping is a Black Hat Tactics in which replacing the good ranking page with another page.

Optimizers will optimize the page and upload it in their site. When the page acquires good ranking in SERP, the optimizers will replace that page with poor quality page.

7.Duplicate Content or Mirror Site

Bloggers use to copy content from the other site without any permission and upload the copied content in their blog without any modification. This technique of BH SEO will bring traffic for the copied content and keywords stuffed in it.

Checkout what Google Says!

8.Social Networking Spam

Social Networking Spam is a BlackHat SEO Technique where the spammers will target the demographics on social networking sites. They will communicate with users by sending advertising messages or advertisements.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO

Actually there are no advantages of BlackHat SEO. We can consider them as a quick results rather than saying advantages. We don’t when those results will be fade out.


  • Quick Results
  • Everything is automated in Black Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO Techniques needs less effort and much faster
  • Time saving
  • No need of money investment
  • Products can be sold in short time period
  • Help your keywords to rank faster

All the above mentioned advantages are considered to be unethical and short term results, because Black Hat breaks the rules and regulations of Search Engine Optimization.


I think there is no need for separate explanation for Disadvantages of the Black Hat Tactics. But for the readers convenience we would like to list out the most dangerous harms or disadvantages of Black Hat in SEO Marketing.

  • Short Term Results
  • BlackHat SEO is a Unethical method
  • Black Hat Tactics are Spamming Tactics
  • Your Website will be Penalized for the life time
  • All the efforts are waste if your website is penalized
  • Your website will be ruined from the search engines ranking list

These are most happened disadvantages of Black Hat SEO Techniques 2018. However BlackHat SEO Technique is not preferable for the big bloggers or the optimizers who has lots of content in their website.


We are here by informing that Practices of Black Hat SEO will ban your entire website. Improve your website traffic with genuine and ethical techniques.

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The above posted information is gathered from different kind of websites. We are providing the list of websites from which we got the content. You can follow those websites to know more details about BlackHat SEO.

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