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Published by   Digital Aroma   on January 21, 2022   has 0 comments

Absolute Links Vs Relative Links | Which is Better For SEO


Hello, candidates hope you all are doing well. Today we have come up with another interesting topic regarding SEO i.e. Absolute Links Vs Relative Links.

We hear many discussions regarding his topic and most of the discussions say Absolute Links are better for SEO in comparison of absolute path Vs relative path. So let’s get more information on this topic.

Blog Contents

  • What are Absolute Links?
  • What are Relative Links?
  • Difference Between Absolute and Relative URL
  • Reasons To Code Relative URLs
  • Better Reasons to use Absolute URLs
  • Absolute Path Vs Relative Path
  • Final Conclusion

So above all are the blog contents we have prepared to explain the concept of absolute vs relative path. For complete knowledge read the entire blog without any skip.

What are Absolute Links?

In simple words, Absolute Links are the links that give an exact destination. It is a hyperlink containing full URL which includes all information needed to find a particular site. We can find a site, page, document or other addressable items on the internet.

What are Relative Links?

In simple, the Relative link is relative to the current page. A relative link is any link that shows the current URL’s relation to the linked page’s URL. Instead of having the whole reference URL in the h-ref tag, relative links only show the relative link paths, as their name suggests.

Difference Between Absolute and Relative URL

Before discussing this topic let us see a few examples of absolute URLs and relative URLs.

Absolute Paths

  • http://www.mysite.com
  • http://www.mysite.com/graphics/image.png
  • http://www.mysite.com/help/articles/how-do-i-set-up-a-webpage.html

Relative Paths

  • html
  • /graphics/image.png
  • /help/articles/how-do-i-set-up-a-webpage.html

So the main difference between the above two links is absolute paths always include the domain name of the website, including http://www. Coming to relative links, they only point to a file or a file path.

We can only use relative links when linking to pages or files within your site because when a user clicks a relative link, the browser takes them to that location on the current site.

On other hand, we must use absolute links if you’re linking to a location on another website. To know more details about the difference between Absolute and Relative URLs click on the below link.

Get Info About Difference between Absolute Path and Relative Path

Reasons To Code Relative URLs

As we said earlier, most of the candidates prefer absolute links regarding Absolute Links vs Relative links. Then why Relative links?

Even though absolute links are better for SEO there are a couple of reasons to code the Relative URLs.

1. Much Easier and Faster To Code

Comparatively Relative Links are easy and fast to code. If you are a web developer and build a website that contains thousands of websites then you can easily understand the concept.

2. Staging Environments

Having relative links on the same website is can exist on staging and on production, or the live accessible version of your website. So that you need not go back and recode all of those URLs.

Other than this Relative URLs help your web pages to load slightly faster. Overall coding relative links is a better solution for the Web development team.

Better Reasons To Use Absolute URLs

In this section let us see some better reasons to use absolute URLs regarding Absolute Links Vs Relative Links.

  1. Scrapers
  2. Prevents Duplicate Content Issues
  3. Crawl Budget.

Click on the below available link to clear a description of the above concepts.

Know more about MOZ Absolute URL Vs Relative URL

Absolute Link Vs Relative Link – Which is better For SEO

On our searches, we came to know that majority of preference is given to Absolute URLs for SEO. Following are the Reasons

  • It’s very important to avoid using relative URLs for your site navigation links.
  • Multiple copies of your website floating around in the search results lead in to serious security threat.
  • Duplicate Content Issues
  • Relative links are also problematic for RSS feeds.
  • Absolute Links Ensures better protection against scrappers and duplicate content issues.
  • Using absolute links for images allows you to assert ownership in the image search results.

Hope these points are helpful in illustrating the Absolute Links Vs Relative Links For SEO. You can also check the below link for more information on this concept.

Know More About Absolute Path Vs Relative Path

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, we are advising that absolute links are better for SEO. So if your website has relative links change them. Along with that, in WordPress, you can use a plugin such as ‘Better Search Replace’ to modify certain links.

Hope the concept of Absolute path Vs Relative Path is helpful to you. You can also external links we have given in the blog for more details.

Still, if you have doubts regarding Absolute Links Vs Relative Links, post them in the below comment box.

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