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By Digital Aroma updated on September 24, 2021

Latest Update on Off Page SEO Techniques 2021 [07-01-2021]

Every one of us know that Off Page SEO Techniques also have equal importance along with the On Page SEO in order to get standard ranking for website in search engines.

So, we thought to share the Updated Latest OffPage SEO Techniques 2021 through this blog. Earlier we have shared some of the Offpage SEO Strategies which help your website to get backlinks for free of cost. Now, we are updating the same blog with the Latest Off Page SEO Techniques 2021. Check out them.

Off Page SEO Techniques 2021

OffPage SEO involves in a technique that improves the position of a website in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).


Off Page Optimization refers to all the measures that can be taken outside of the actual website in order to improve its position in search rankings.

Outline: Searches have told that, many people will think that Off Page Optimization is all about links (Back Links). But there are more things to do beyond the links. So, in this article let us discuss some points about SEO Off Page Optimization.

These points will bring more awareness about SEO Off Page Techniques and optimizers will know the actual benefits of SEO Off Page Activities 2021.

What do we do in Off Page SEO?

Getting top ranks in searches is not only the important thing. We should build a brand and trust. This is the thing what we do in OffPage SEO. We must appear to be the best search result, not just in technical and content sense, but also in reality. This will happen only with the Off Page Optimization. OffPage SEO will happen the outside of the website. If you get a more valuable links related to your pages, then search engines will assume that you have got a great content.

Why do we do Off Page Optimization?

Actual purpose of SEO Off Page Activities 2021 is to gain a high rank for our website in the search results. OffPage SEO simply informs the Google what others think about your site. Usually, all bloggers would start with On Page SEO. But the smart bloggers and content marketers will not stop there. Because the things which are more important for the Google are often happen away from the website. Obtaining traffic only by On Page Optimization is not an easy way. It would be very tough in SEO On Page when you have no idea about what to write. In this case, if you have a basic knowledge of both On page & Off page optimization then you’ll be way ahead of your competition.

Complete Off Page Optimization Guide

Types of Off Page SEO Techniques

There are many types in SEO Off Page Optimization. All these will help to generate traffic through different means. In this post, we will describe you the procedure of how to use different Off Page SEO Techniques to increase your traffic.

1. Social Bookmarking Sites

Bloggers use Social Bookmarking Sites in the past. It is one of the good techniques which promote your website and increase the traffic. People on those social bookmarking sites can easily see and search for the services that you offer.


  1. Select the top most Social Bookmarking sites in the Google.
  2. Bookmark your web address in the top Bookmarking Sites.
  3. Now, you can gain high traffic.

Top Bookmarking sites are:

These are some of the Top Bookmarking sites where you can bookmark your posts and pages.

Social Bookmarking - best seo company in vijayawada

2. Classified Ad Posting

Ad Postings in a websites increases the business growth and promote your products. Time and Money can be saved with the help of Classified Ad Posting. Only thing we need to do is give the proper information about your business. Then it will reach the users automatically.


  1. Choose the topic.
  2. Prepare your Advertisement.
  3. Select the Top Most Ad Posting Website.
  4. Post your Title, Description & Ad in it.

List of Top Ad Posting Websites:

  • EBAY
  • Craigslist
  • LetGo (OLX)
  • Backpage
  • Gumtree

Readers can check Top Classified Ad Posting Websites here.

This technique is considered as one of the best Off Site SEO Technique by the experts.

Online Classified Ads - best seo company in vijayawada

3. Social Posting

Getting involved with the social networking sites is the fundamental step you need to take to improve your business. If you want to make your blog or post famous engage with the social media platforms. Automatically, the business growth will increase because social media is ever big.


  1. Log in different social platforms like Face Book, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.
  2. Submit your URL in the social media platforms.

This is one of the SEO Off Page Activities 2021 in which you can gain traffic easily by using social media.

4. Article Posting

Writing article is one of the best and powerful techniques in Off Site SEO Optimization. Any person who has good knowledge of writing and having excellent writing skills can increase traffic of your website.

Upload your articles in good PR article submission directory. Before posting the article, make sure that content is high quality and unique. If you insert more keywords in content or quality less content will be rejected some times.


  1. Write an article with relevant heading and clean content.
  2. Search for the free article submission sites.
  3. Post your article.

Some of the Free Article Submission sites:

By using these you can post your articles and generate the traffic to your site. This is one of the SEO Off Page Techniques.

5. Blog Posting

Blog Posting is same as the article posting. Here you need to choose some topics and write a blog on that. Insert the related keywords in your blog. Make sure that your blog is high quality blog. After completion of the blog, post them in the top most blog submission sites.

Your blog will reach to the plenty of customers which leads to a traffic generation. In this way, Blog Posting stands as one of the SEO Off Page Optimization technique.


  1. Choose the topic.
  2. Write a blog carefully.
  3. Find the top most blog submission sites.
  4. Post your blog.

Some of the Blog Submission Sites:

  • WordPress
  • Tubmlr
  • Blogger
  • Weebly
  • Wix

These are some of the Blog Submission Sites. Make use of these to submit your blogs. This activity is said to be one of the best SEO Off Page Activities 2021.

6. RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds is important technique of OffPage SEO Optimization. Because RSS Feeds helps your readers to share your content and subscribe. By this action, your site can get more exposure.

With the help of RSS Feeds submission your site can easily get indexed. And it will provide more back links. When users subscribe to RSS Feed, they will get a notification soon after our website is updated. These are mainly used for Blogs.


  1. Build a Feed.
  2. Transfer the Feed on to your server.
  3. Display the Feed on Your Website Using a Graphic of Some Sort.
  4. Include Information in the HTML of the Web Page So RSS Readers Auto-Detect Your Feed.
  5. Display the Feed’s Content on a Website.
  6. Submit the Feed to RSS Directories and Search Engines.

Check this link to know the detail procedure of RSS Feeds Submission Sites.

7. Comment Posting

Comments play the most important role in SEO Off Page Optimization. In General, Commenting is an action taken by users or blog readers. They just leave a comment for your blogs by appreciation or asking their queries.

Comment posting increase the relation between author and reader. Along with the relation, you will get a lot of backlinks and traffic on your website.


  1. Search for the top blogs or websites.
  2. Choose the relevant websites.
  3. Read the blog completely.
  4. Post your comment or ask your queries.

You should post your comment in a relevant website. Don’t ever post your comments in the irrelevant website.

8. Forum Posting

Forum Comment Posting is one of the trusted ways to get better backlinks for your website. With the help of Forum Posting you can easily increase the website traffic.

Forum commenting require some time. Discussion Groups, Message Boards etc comprise a Forum. We can say that, Forum Postings are good platform to communicate with others in the same field and increases awareness of your website.


  1. Search for the Top Most Blog.
  2. Choose the Blog.
  3. Prepare the relevant Forum Comment Post.
  4. Post your Forum Comment in the Blog.

These are the some of the types of Off Page SEO Techniques which helps to get a plenty of back links to your site. Publishers, who want more advanced and latest methods of Off Page SEO Techniques, follow the Quora.

Off Page SEO Steps

Here are some Off Page SEO Steps that every optimizer should follow to increase your website traffic and awareness. The organization which adopts all the below mentioned steps in their optimization strategy is said as Best SEO Company.

1. Create Good Content

We should write our content in such a way that, bloggers and readers should share our content. Remember, Shareable content always bring an unexpected range of traffic to your website.

SHARE GOOD CONTENT - best seo company in vijayawada

2. Influencer Outreach

You should always influence the bloggers with a good and clean content. Create a share worthy content. Get more back links from the relevant websites by sharing your clean & creative content. This technique is said to be one of the easiest Off Page SEO Techniques.

Clean Content - best seo company in vijayawada

3. Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement will play the major role in the Off Page SEO. If you want to develop your website, engage with the people who are in social media platforms. Social presence will allow your business growth and help you get more back links.

Social Media Engagement - best seo company in vijayawada

4. Image Submission

Image Submission is a SEO Off Page Activity where you need to submit your photos in top image submission websites. Optimize your images with proper title and URL. By posting images, others can see your images and comment on them. It results in following a link to your site.

Top Image Submission Websites

5. Video Submission

Video Submission is of the most popular Off Page SEO Technique because; it will help you in getting quality back links. These Sites will have more PR. Same as like a image sharing, you need to optimize your video and post in popular Video Submission Sites like You Tube etc.

List of Top Video Submission Sites 

6. Info graphics Submission

Beyond the image & video submission, Info Graphics Submission has become the trending Off Page Technique. Info Graphics will display the proper information which is useful to the customers. These info graphics can be shareable very easily.

One of the best Off Site SEO Technique is prepare a info graphic of your business, optimize it and submit in the Top Info Graphic Submission Sites.

Popular Infographic Submission Sites

7. Link Baiting

Link Baiting is a process where providing the valuable content in such a way that other websites naturally kink to it. The main purpose is to increase the inbound links. This process increases the performance in search engine results.

In the same way, when you copy the content from other websites don’t forget to place their website links as reference. This is another way of increasing the link popularity. It is one of the best Off Page SEO Technique.

Link Bating - best seo company in vijayawada

Benefits of SEO Off Page Optimization

One should know the actual benefits of SEO Off Page Optimization. Then optimizers would get a clear idea on how to optimize their web pages. So, we are listing some of the amazing benefits of Off Page SEO Techniques.

  1. Increase in Page Ranks

The term Page Rank refers to the numeric value in which Google will give to the each web page based on the quality of web page and links it get. Off page Optimization will help your pages to get good ranks in Google results page.

Page Rank - best seo company in vijayawada

2. Increase in Website Exposure

Our Website should get a greater exposure. Because, more exposure will allow more number of customers to visit your page.  As a result your website will get more back links. This is one of the most important benefits of Offpage SEO.

Exposure - best seo company in vijayawada

3. Increases Your Website Position in SERP

SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Page) are the one of the best way to know your website rank in Google Result’s page. The higher you rank more the visitors list. That means, if your website position increases in SERP then more number of visitors will visit your traffic. So, when you increase the SERP automatically your CTR (Click through Rate) will also increase.

WebSite Position in SERP - best seo company in vijayawada

The above mentioned are some of the important benefits of SEO Off Page Optimization. Despite of those, we would like to share some more basic benefits of Off Page SEO Techniques.

  • Online Branding
  • Growth of Reach
  • Increase in Domain Authority
  • Increase in referral & social traffic
  • Better Search Engine Ranking

Click Here to know more about SEO Off Page Activities 2018

Advantages & Disadvantages of SEO Off Page Techniques

Like On Page SEO, OffPage SEO Optimization also has some advantages and disadvantages. Bloggers should go through them and decide which optimization technique will help you the most.

First of all, let us discuss some of the

SEO Off Page Optimization Advantages

  • Off Page SEO Techniques will help to reach greater heights.
  • By executing Off Page Optimization Services, business holders can increase the number of back links.
  • Off Page SEO Activities gives the methods to increase the organic traffic for the main website which helps for targeting keywords.
  • Business Organisations will able to improve their search engine rankings with the help of OffPage SEO.
  • SEO Off Page Services will allow to increase the overall rankings in popular search engines.

Note: Beyond these advantages, SEO Off Page Optimization has one main advantage to be discussed i.e. ‘White Hat SEO’.

What is White Hat SEO?
  • By the name itself we can understand that, White Hat SEO is one of the legitimate processes which are used by the marketers.
  • White Hat SEO utilizes techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website which don’t run afoul of search engine (mainly Google) guidelines.
  • The White hat SEO is considered to be highly wholesome in its approach as it follows Google’s algorithms and does not aim at exploiting the loopholes in the same.
  • The most common practices followed by White Hat SEO are publishing quality content on the website, HTML optimization and restructuring of the website, link acquisition campaigns supported by quality content along with manual research and outreach.
  • All marketers need to remember that, the practices listed under the White Hat SEO techniques may be slow in giving results but the results driven are much more lasting in their approach.
  • White Cap SEO method will allow you to expect a gradual yet steady but lasting growth in your rankings.
  • People who are looking for a long-term investment on their websites rely on white hat SEO techniques.

White HAT SEO - best seo company in vijayawada

Disadvantages of Off Page SEO

Along with the advantages, there are also some disadvantages for Off Page SEO Techniques. They are

  • One should build a quality links otherwise Google will decrease the ranking of our page.
  • Most of the Directories are Spammy & Paid Directories.
  • Off Page Optimization takes more time to rank the page.
  • The Ads which we create will be deleted after some time period.
  • High DA & PA sites requirement for quality results.
  • Less Assurance for the work you have done in SEO.

Note: Despite of these disadvantages, there is one major Disadvantage of Off Page SEO. i.e. ‘Black Hat SEO’.

What is Black Hat SEO?
  • Black Hat SEO practice aims at finding weaknesses and loopholes in the Google’s algorithms in order to rank higher in the search engine result pages.
  • Such techniques and methods are in direct conflict with search engine guidelines.
  • Black Hat SEO is not in accordance with the SEO guidelines set by search engines and especially Google.
  • The wholesomeness level of Black Hat SEO is very low.
  • Some black hat SEO techniques include: link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links.
  • Black Hat SEO practices aim at misleading the users and redirecting to the sites they didn’t vouch for.
  • You can expect unusual, fast however short enduring development in positioning in Black Hat SEO.

Black HAT SEO - best seo company in vijayawada

Updated Latest Off Page SEO Techniques 2021:

Customize your 404 Error:

404 Error is an error message displayed when a browser indicating that an Internet address cannot be found. Bigger the site more the 404 errors.

When users land on 404 error pages, they leave by costing you lots of money. One way to fix this problem is, custom your 404 error page with attractive design with call to action buttons.

If your site is E Commerce site, you can also add some categories, offers, discount codes etc. This will reduce the bounce rate up to large extent. Due to this, we consider technique as latest Off-Page SEO techniques 2021.

Acquire Competitor’s Backlinks:

It is very hard to get new backlinks every time. Even though we get backlinks only few of them will work. And link building opportunities are not easy to found.

Even then we can get backlink opportunities easily by following some of the tools like AHrefs, Google Webmaster Tools etc. These tools will help us to find our competitor backlinks.  This process helps us to collect more backlinks and also effective Off Page SEO Optimization can be done.

Answer on Quora:

Undoubtedly, answering in the Quora is the best and effective way to get more backlinks for your website. Probably if you are not answering in Quora, it means you are not using the effective Off Page SEO Strategies.

Create high end profile on Quora, follow the relevant topics. Find the related topics for your business and start following them. After that start posting answers those are related to your profile.

Link your website and other information sites by uploading the suitable images for your answer. The quora answer posting is recognized as the best Off Page SEO Trends 2021.

Start Making YouTube Videos:

Don’t get confused that, how YouTube videos will improve Off Site SEO. YouTube is a second biggest search engine and very trending these days.

The links obtained from YouTube Videos are very valuable and increases your Website’s Off Page SEO. Due to this reason, YouTube Video making is also Trendy Off Page Factors 2021.

Contribute to Other Sites:

Contribute to Other Sites is called as Guest Posting. Guest Posting is recognized as one of the best and effective way of getting backlinks for our website.

This contribution will help you to build authority and get more backlinks. When you are writing guest post in other sites use only few of your website links. Even though it is a guest post, use the high quality content. This will increase the relationship between you and site owner.

Guest Posting also increases website traffic. First of all you need to see related bloggers or blogs and observe if they accept a guest post from you.

You can also try posting on popular websites like Quora by answering questions etc. As these sites have a large user base, your answers can give link back to your website. You will more engagement and more traffic.

Therefore guest posting brings both backlinks and traffic. You can check the below link to know other ways to bring traffic to your website.

How To Drive Traffic to a Website

Profile Links:

Good Profile links will increase your website ranking and overall website branding. Getting profile links from popular websites will act as a good consideration for Google to judge your website and rank on top search results.

So, Join most popular websites which contains high DA and make your profile page in them. This will help your website to get recognized easily. Profile Links are also said to be latest Off Page SEO Techniques 2021.

Apart from these we are presenting two more important factor of Off Page SEO. Landing Page !! Even though this concept will not comes under Off Page SEO we need to take care of it. So go through it carefully.

How to build a Landing Page?

Most of the candidates think that building landing page involves in special formulas and strategies. But no! It’s very easy to build a landing page.

All you need to do is building conversion focused landing pages. So here are some ideas to build a landing page that converts your visitors like a pro.

Click on the below link to know how to build a perfect website landing page.

How to build a Landing Page


Finally, we want to conclude that Off Page SEO is more than the back links. Bloggers should give equal priority to both SEO Off Page and On Page Optimizations. One who wants to show their company as Best SEO Company in Vijayawada and reach the top place in search engine must and should apply the Off Page Optimization Techniques along with the on page.

Readers, who have any queries regarding the above blog, kindly post your doubts in the below comment box. We are informing that, you can contact us for all types of Digital Marketing Services.


For more information on digital marketing services in Vijayawada and our packages



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