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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence” is exactly how it sounds like, it refers to machines and robots are having the excellent ability to work like human being. Artificial Intelligence uses a combination of different features such as voice assistance and chatbots to quickly find answers for users. For instance, Siri and Alexa are voice assistants that provide great customer experience. Just like a human being, they can take orders from the users and work. The Artificial Intelligence robot does this by using human inputs and sensors to get facts about the situation and can also collect the search data to improve the user’s experience for future.


Now a days, a lot of difference is taking place in the SEO industry and updates are happening constantly. These changes in the search algorithms have profoundly affected the user’s search results.

Every new algorithm comes with different benefits or problems, depending on how you look at it. Ultimately, the goal of search engines is to help users to get specific results related to questions.

In SEO, Page speed is important for several years and it will be continued to be vital to your website’s success in 2020. Users of 25% will never visit your page, if your page doesn’t loads in three to four seconds and they’re will not interested to come back to visit your page later.

Focus on improving your page speed in 2020 and watch your site’s performance will be increased.

Content Marketing

Will content still be a king on Digital marketing in 2020? Yes, You better believe it!

Not only does content demonstrate knowledge and expertise to potential customers reading your articles or pages, it’s what search engines put in their search results. In SEO, content fuels the fire that is your search engine optimization, so it’s best to never stop creating new content. In 2020, focus on creating creative content and videos that can help users to think about that.


If you are operating a business, it’s important to know about the current Digital Marketing Trends and be able to stay on top of where Digital Marketing is ahead in the future.

And just like Amazon, you can start personalizing your products, using social media to answer questions, and implement video marketing to gain trust and show that you are transparent. Remember, if you are handling any client data then transparency is critical. And there are plenty of marketing software systems that can line all your online activities and customer relationships.

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