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Outline: We know that Search Engine Optimization has become a new era in Digital Marketing. All business holders irrespective of their brands, services, products, whether it is a small business or large business are implementing SEO Techniques to promote their business into next level.

Due to this, all SEO Specialists like SEO Specialist in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi etc started implementing White Hat SEO Techniques.

In this context, we want to inform the importance of ‘White Hat SEO’ for the bloggers through this article.

In this blog we are going to cover

  • Introduction of White Hat SEO
  • Impacts of White Hat SEO Techniques 2018
  • Latest Updates on White Hat SEO Services
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO White Hat Techniques
  • Conclusion


What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a technique which will increase your website ranks and page ranks in SERP by obeying all the guidelines of Google.

We can say that White Hat SEO is completely opposite to Black Hat SEO which maintains website integrity and does not cross the Google’s terms of service.

Why White Hat SEO?

First of all, White Hat SEO is good means of approaching the search engines. When Google visits your page you will not any kind of penalization etc if you implement White Hat SEO Techniques.

Beyond this, there are some Needs of implementing White Hat SEO Services. They are

  • To make a long term investment on their website
  • To get a genuine search engine results
  • To yield a long lasting results

Where is White Hat SEO implemented?

It’s a no matter of question ‘Where is White Hat SEO Techniques 2018 implemented?’ It can be implemented in all your blogs, each and every article you are going to upload in search engines.

Every SEO Specialist who wants good and effective results will implement the White Hat SEO Services in each and every post they are going to publish in the search engine.

Impacts of White Hat SEO Techniques

Following are the effects of Impacts of using White Hat SEO Techniques.

  • Provides a Quality of a website
  • Long Term Results
  • Techniques or tactics used in White Hat SEO will obey Google Guide lines
  • Slow results but long lasting results
  • Methods which are used in this technique is supported by Google
  • Your website will not be penalized if you implement White Hat SEO Methods.

Latest Updates of White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO Techniques are the techniques which help our website to get a healthy traffic. In this article we would like to mention some top SEO White Hat Techniques 2018.

1.Mobile Optimization

  • Make sure that your web pages are mobile friendly.
  • Because, most of the internet users are mobile users.
  • Google has said that if your web pages unable to access from the mobile then your website may not rank high in the SERP.
  • Log on to your Search Console account to clear your issues regarding Mobile Optimization

Let us see some of the important factors which are useful for successful Mobile Optimization

a) Visible Text

  • Your site should have a readable text or content which does not allow user to zoom the content.
  • Responsive sites will measure the scale of the page and perfectly fit the content by type of device is accessing the content.
  • Visible text is more important because no user will waste his time on zooming or scrolling down the page.

b) Compatibilities

  • You should consider modern framework designs which consider Mobiles as a top priority.
  • Majority of the modern mobile devices will not play the flash based video or audio, so better to use Mobile Responsive Design.
  • So consider the type of coding and formatting you are using for the optimization.

c) Image and Video Optimization

  • Check whether all your images and videos are loading properly when you access your website from the mobile.
  • Because some of the older coding methods will take long time to load the images and videos to display on the mobiles.

d) Interactivity

  • It is very easy to click interactive buttons on the desktops.
  • On other hand coming to the mobile optimization, buttons should be large in size and visible clearly to the users.
  • Always you need to update your site in such a way that the buttons should be easier to click with the clumsy finger.

e) Pop-up Minimization

  • Pop-up ads will irritate the users more on mobile devices than desktops.
  • So your design should be in a way that allows them to load fast and be removed with a single click.

f) User Intuition

  • Google will offer a useful mobile-friendly test to evaluate up to what extent your site is mobile-friendly by its standards.
  • Your site will pass the test as long as its core functionality is good, and it is able to display the content properly.
  • So, spend some time in reviewing the mobile layout, display etc.

2. Page Speed

  • Allow your web pages to load fast when visitors access your website.
  • Why because, no user will more than 2 or 3 seconds.
  • They will simply move from one website to another website.
  • In order to make your pages load faster, remove the excess or unwanted content in the web page.
  • Page Speed will also play an important role in bringing unexpected traffic to the website.

Some of the factors that will lower your Page Speed

a) Host

  • Pick up the right host which is suitable for your business size.
  • Cheaper hosts can damage your page speed.

b) External Embedded Media – Videos

  • External Embedded Media can largely slow your page speed but they are very important.
  • Suppose media like videos are very valuable for the webpage. So it is advisable that host the videos on own server.

c) Large Images

  • Large image includes extra data in the form of comments obtained for it or may be some other data.
  • Heavy images will take some time to load which decreases the page speed. So, prefer PNG for images.

d) Too much ads

  • Many ads have a drawback that they will lower the page speed.
  • So, do not use too much ads in your web page.

e) Themes & Widgets

  • Some of the highly designed themes and social buttons also will affect your page speed. S
  • So, choose the proper them and widgets for your site.

Tools which help you to increase the page load time

3. Title & Description

    • Page Titles are the first and foremost thing that is visible to the Google while crawling or indexing.
    • Your page title should be in such a way that, readers must understand your topic and get interest to read your article.
    • Coming to the description, this is the place where you can insert the main keywords and you can sum up the whole article within 2 or 3 lines.
    • Visitors will first read your description and decide whether to click on the link or not.
    • So the importance of description is your description Vs other 9 descriptions on the SERP.

4. Quality Content

  • We know that Content is a king of an article.
  • Make sure that you are providing a relevant and quality content for the users.
  • Educating the website visitors with your content is one of the best White Hat SEO Technique.
  • Quality content always brings an unexpected number of visitors to your site.

5. Keyword Research

  • Before start writing your blog, do keyword research and collect the related keywords of your topic.
  • A simple keyword research will help you to understand what does audience really wants.
  • You can create a huge content with help of Long Tail Keywords which allows the users to understand your blog easily.

6. Search Console

  • Search Console is the powerful tool must for the all website owners especially who are implementing SEO White Hats.
  • In simple words, Search Console is the place where you will come to know certain things about your website such as
  • Google exactly tells you how you want the search results to appear for your website
  • which version of the website to use
  • Who people come to know your website
  • Clicks for each keyword
  • Sitemaps of your website
  • Issues regarding your site
  • Whether your site has any penalties
  • Where your pages are located etc

7. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

  • Don’t use the single keyword throughout the blog.
  • Habituate using more number of related keywords depend upon the length of the blog.
  • Because we can see that some blogs contains different kinds of keywords other than primary keyword.
  • Avoid stuffing single keyword throughout the single blog also comes under the best White Hat SEO practice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Hat SEO Services

In this section, let us observe some common advantages and disadvantages of implantation of White Hat SEO.


We can list out many advantages of implementing White Hat SEO Services. They are

  1. Less Expensive
  • White Hat SEO does not require much expensive automated tools to bring website traffic.
  • As this is a long term process, it would naturally take long time to produce results.
  • You just need to work hard, no need of investment.
  1. Healthy Website Ranking
  • As we use all the genuine methods and techniques in SEO White Hat, the obtained results would be healthy results.
  • Another thing why we use term ‘Healthy Website Ranking’ is the website ranking will increase slowly and steadily over the time.
  1. Less in Danger
  • Blogger who is implementing a White Hat SEO Techniques will follow certain rules and regulations while creating a website.
  • Due to this your website will not display on SERP for use of property.
  • Some audience and experts can easily identify whether your content is organic content or spammy content. SEO White Hat will help you in such cases.
  1. Builds Relation Ships
  • One who is implementing SEO White Hat will use quality, creative & good content in their websites.
  • So there is a chance of customers visiting your site more than one time.
  • In this way, White Hat SEO Services will help you to build relationship with the customers.
  • Along with this, there is a chance that visitors can turn into customers.
  • In general, no disadvantages are listed for White Hat SEO Services because, all the practices under this technique is considered to be legal.
  • The one and only disadvantage of using White Hat SEO is the results may occur very slowly. You need to be more patience to achieve the desired results.


In conclusion, bloggers who want to make long term investment on their website or who want long lasting and healthy website rankings can implement the SEO White Hat Techniques.

We have also written a blog on Black Hat SEO, interested candidates can follow that blog and choose the type of SEO suitable for your website and decide whether to implement them or not.

You can consult us all kinds of White Hat SEO Services in Vijayawada along with that all types of Digital Marketing Services are provided here. Still if you have doubts, post your doubts in the below comment box.


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